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Etain-Rouvres 2005

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Date: 18/19 June 2005

Made by: Scramble, Team BeeJeX, Henk & René, David Mills, Wayne Groves, Julian Bloomfield, Hans van der Vlist


71+93			UH-1D		THR10              
87+51			Bo105P1	        HFVAS100           
1109/BZB		SA330B	        3RHC               
1562/BXS	        SA341F	        3RHC		in tent    
4091/BYD	        SA342M	        3RHC               
4206/BXB	        SA342L1	        3RHC		in tent    
F-BCPN "330510/KG''	J-3C-65	        nn		also flying
F-BOMM			L-18C	        ex USA 51-15397    
F-GDPF	                O-1E	        ex France 24705    
F-GIBN	                MH1521M	        ex France 261      
RA-1060K		Yak-50	        nn		also flying
RA-1318K		Yak-52	        nn		also flying

Hangar (open):
3549/BWD, 3664/BWF	SA342M		3RHC
4160/BWH, 4189/BYJ	SA342M	        3RHC
4198/BYH		SA342M	        3RHC
4217/BXD, 4228/BXA	SA342L1	        3RHC

Hangar (closed):
1463/BXT		SA341F		3RHC
4095/BYE	        SA342M	        3RHC
4214/BXC	        SA342L1	        3RHC

Flightline Tower:
888/MCB			PC-6/B2-H4	ECTM           
159/ABU	                TBM-700		EAAT                   
F-AZEJ	                Beech E18S	as USA "22423" 
F-AZFT	                N3202		ex France 34           
F-AZHL	                MS315	        ex France 350  
F-AZJO	                N3202	        ex France 101  
F-AZOO	                Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1127
F-AZOP	                Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1192
F-BEHG	                MS733		ex France 6            
F-BRPQ	                CeT337	        as O-2A "80995"
F-GKEB	                SV-4B	        ex France 618  
F-GMCY	                N1101	        ex France 67   
LX-LWK	        	PT-17		nn                     
RA-1957K		Yak-52		nn

Far side dispersal:
86+70			Bo105P1		HFVAS100
1248/BZI		SA330B	        3RHC    
1234/BXO, 1593/BXU	SA341F	        3RHC    
3615/BWA, 3863/BYA	SA342M	        3RHC    
3964/BYB, 4020/BYC	SA342M	        3RHC    
4038/BWJ, 4053/BWG	SA342M	        3RHC    
(4120)/BWI, 4151/BYF	SA342M	        3RHC    
4209/-, 4230/BXG	SA342L1	        3RHC    

Far side hangar left:
T-317			AS332M-1	nn		also flying
1005/BZN		SA330B		3RHC
1100/BZR		SA330B		3RHC		also flying

Far side hangar right:
1155/BZD		SA330B		3RHC
1190/BZA	        SA330B	        3RHC
(1182)/ADT	        SA330B	        6RHC
1507/BZE	        SA330B	        3RHC

Maintenance hangar near parking place:
1172/BZS		SA330B		3RHC
(1107)/BZC	        SA330B		3RHC
The registration of the BZC was given by local personnel.

1355/BFI		SA341F		std
1769			SA316B		pres gate
1101			SA341F		pres gate

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