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Evreux 1996

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Date: 19 May 1996

Made by:


ET-022             F-16B             Esk 723 
ET-198             F-16B             Esk 726 
2325/AIA           AS.532MI          5 EHM/4 RHCM 
F212/64-GL         C-160NG           ET 02.064 
487/312-UF         Emb.312F          DV 05.312 
101                Falcon 10MER      57S. 
3                  F-8P              12F. 
207/13-FH          Mirage IIIB       nn                     instructional a/c 
51+15              C-160D            LTG-61 
43+32/G-73         Tornado           TTTE 
CNE-ME             CN.235AL          Moroc AF 
TE.12B-41/79-94    C.212E1           Ala 79 
XS729/G            Dominie T.1       3 FTS 
XX244/244          Hawk T.1          19 (R) Sqn/4 FTS       special markings 
XX146/GT           Jaguar T.2B       54 Sqn 
XX493/L            Jetstream T.1     45 (R) Sqn 
XX490/CU-570       Jetstream T.2     750 Sqn 
XZ730/304          Lynx HAS.3        815 Sqn 
ZG728/CI           Tornado F.3       5 Sqn 
ZF162/162          Tucano T.1        1 FTS 
81-0978/SP bk      A-10A             81st FS/52nd FW 
81-0984/SP bk      A-10A             81st FS/52nd FW 

MT-36              CM.170R           33 Sm/9 Wing           special c/s 
FA-74              F-16A             nn                     special markings 
FA-136             F-16A             nn                     special markings 
5290/67-UA         AS.355F1          EH 03.067 
2299/AIU           AS.532M1 3        EHM/4 RHCM 
E29/314-TM         Alpha Jet E       EAC 00.314             special c/s 
F157/61-ZW         C-160F            ET 03.061 
202/XE             D.140E            SAVV 00.701 
201/36-CA          E-3F              EDCA 00.036            flying only 
SA167/68-OC        H-34A             nn                     preserved 
E6/7-PD            Jaguar E          EC 02.007 
E20/7-PR           Jaguar E          EC 02.007 
E25/7-PK           Jaguar E          EC 02.007 
253                MH.5521M                                 preserved 
13/AL              Mirage IVP        EB 02.091              flying only 
15/33-FD           Mirage F.1C       EC 03.033 
32/33-FW           Mirage F.1C       EC 03.033 
87/33-FR           Mirage F.1C       EC 03.033              desert c/s 
506/2-FC           Mirage 2000B      EC 02.002 
18/2-FL            Mirage 2000C      EC 02.002 
156/64-BF          N.2501F           gate guard 
2101/67-CR         SA.319B           EH 03.067 
1431/AFI           SA.341F1          1 EHAP/6 RHCM 
4155/AEN           SA.342M           4 EHAC/6 RHCM 
114/315-YE         TB-30             EPE 315 
35/43-XB           TBM.700           ETE 043 
J-060              F-16A             306 Sqn 
J-508              F-16A             312 Sqn                demo c/s 
T-264              KDC-10            334 Sqn 
T.19B-05/35-23     CN.235-100M       Ala 35 
ZD461/51           Harrier GR.7      nm 
ZD463/G            Harrier GR.7      20 (R) Sqn 
XV661/CU-824       Sea King HAR.5    711 Sqn 
XV651/99           Sea King HAS.5    706 Sqn 

TB-30s of EPE 315: 
92/1, 100/2, 117/3 

Alpha Jets E of the "Patrouille de France": 
E141/1, E89/2, E140/3, E104/4, E173/5, E105/6, E97/7, E37/8, E106/9, E23/0 

MB.339PANs of the "Frecce Tricolori": 
MM54480/0, MM54475/1, MM54551/2, MM54484/3, MM54500/4, MM54536/5, 
MM54439/6, MM54483/7, MM54445/8, MM54485/9, MM54517/10, MM54486/11 

CAP.231 of "Green March" (Maroc AF): 

C.101EBs of the "Patrulla Aguila" 
E.25-28/79-28/1, E.25-01/79-01/2, E.25-13/79-13/3, E.25-08/79-08/4, 
E.25-07/79-07/5, E.25-27/79-27/6, E.25-25/79-25/7, E.25-22/79-22/8 

Shelter Area: 
F16/61-MK          C-160F            ET 01.061 
F94/61-ZL          C-160F            ET 03.061 
H02/59-BB          C-160H            EA 01.059 
H04/59-BD          C-160H            EA 01.059 
F201/64-GA         C-160NG           ET 01.064 
F202/64-GB         C-160NG           ET 02.064 
F204/64-GD         C-160NG           ET 02.064 
F206/64-GF         C-160NG           ET 02.064 
F207/64-GG         C-160NG           ET 01.064 
F210/64-GJ         C-160NG           ET 02.064 
F211/64-GK         C-160NG           ET 01.064 
F213/64-GM         C-160NG           ET 01.064 
F215/64-GO         C-160NG           ET 01.064 
F218/64-GR         C-160NG           ET 02.064 
F223/64-GW         C-160NG           ET 01.064 
F224/64-GX         C-160NG           ET 02.064 
F227/64-GP         C-160NG           ET 01.064 
R93/61-ZK          C-160R            ET 03.061 
R153               C-160R            ET 061 

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