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Hyères 2010

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Hyères (France)

100 Ans de l’Aeronavale

13 June 2023

118/315-YI TB30 EPAA00.315  
9 ATL2 21F  
163 Alouette 2 pres  
13 Se3160 35F  
67 EMB121AN 28F  
32 Falcon 10MER 57S  
801 Lynx HAS4 31F  
69 MS893-100S 50S  
2 NH90NFH 10S/CEPA  
28 Rafale M 12F  
452 AS565SA 36F  
23 Super Etendard Etendard nn special c/s
55 Super Etendard Etendard 17F  
62 Super Etendard Etendard 17F  
61+03 Br1150 MFG3  
MM7217/1-11 AV-8B GrAI  
MM7221/1-15 AV-8B GrAI  
MM81726/2-23 EH101-410UTY Gr1  
VA.1B-39/01-927 EAV-8B Eslla009  
ZD406 Harrier GR9 800sq  
ZG502/73 Harrier GR9 800sq  
XX486/567-CU Jetstream T2 750sq  
ZH858/38 Merlin HM1 829sq  
162143/44 C-2A VRC-40  
165648/AC-603 E-2C VAW-126  
166794/AC-115 FA-18F VFA-32  
164610/AC-610 SH-60F HS-7  
D-FTSI TP-51D as 473871/TF-871  
F-AZHK AD-4NA as 127002/20-LN  
F-AZTE C-47A as F-BBBE  
F-AZVG MD312 as 189/G  
F-HBKG EC120B HeliDax  
119/113-IX Rafale C EC01.091  
317/113-HO Rafale B EC01.007  
2013/BHC Tigre HAP (5RHC)  
244 Alouette 3 35F  
303 Alouette 3 35F  
347 Alouette 3 35F  
47 Br1050 stored  
R201/64-GA C-160R ET00.061  
215 Cap10B 50S  
2 E-2C 4F  
7 Falcon50 24F  
276 Lynx HAS2 31F  
804 Lynx HAS4 31F  
16 Rafale M 12F  
17 Rafale M 12F  
24 Rafale M 12F  
313 SA365F1 35F  
362 AS565SA 36F special c/s
522 AS565SA 36F  
8 Super Etendard Etendard 17F  
33 Super Etendard Etendard 17F  
16 Super Etendard Etendard 11F  
18 Super Etendard Etendard 11F  
61 Super Etendard Etendard 11F  
VA.1B-25/01-915 EAV-8B Eslla009  
166650/AC-400 FA-18E VFA-105  
166651/AC-401 FA-18E VFA-105  
166667/AC-105 FA-18F VFA-32  
166669/AC-106 FA-18F VFA-32  
F-AZAU T-6G as 115113  
F-AZDA MS505 as BB+UG  
F-AZHD T-6G (as F6F) as 79413/11F.2  
F-AZJS Spitfire PR XIX as PS890/UM-E  
F-AZJU CASA 352L Lw c/s  
F-AZLD SV-4B    
F-AZLT MS760 ex 32  
F-AZPF CM175 ex 28  
F-AZVM N2501F ex 105/62-SI  
F-AZYS F4U-7 as 133704/14F.6  
F-BEXD Stinson 108   c/n 108-4419
F-BCNL MS317    
F-GMCY N1101 ex 67  
F-GOUM Cap10B ex 122  
HB-RCF D3801J as 7  
HB-RDG TBM-3E as 53319/4.F6  
HB-RVN Vampire FB6 as J-1197  
N49AC C-54D as 100  
Apha Jet E of EPAA20.300, Patrouille de France:
E130/F-TERP/1, E114/F-TERR/2, E165/F-TERE/3      
E41/F-TERA/4, E31/F-TERK/5, E163/F-TERB/6      
E46/F-UHRF/7, E95/F-TERQ/8, E135/F-TERX/9      
Hangar (open):
623 Lynx HAS2 31F  
F-HCHN AS365N3 35F  
(F-ZBAW) Alouette 3 tail from 41  
Hangar (closed):
35 Super Etendard nn  
274 Lynx HAS2 nn  
274 Lynx HAS2 nn  
Canvas Hangar (closed):
265 Lynx HAS2 std, tail from 275  
266 Lynx HAS2 std  
622 Lynx HAS2 std  
The stored Dauphin was reported by some maintenance crew as F-ZKDR (c/n 6225).      
VIP area:
36 Etendard 4M instr  
22 Br1050 instr  
25 Super Etendard stored  
507 AS565SA 36F  
Elsewhere (static side):
182 HSS-1N pres, gate  
13 Etendard pres, gate  
118 SA321G stored  
1017/AZE SA330B stored  
48 Br1050 dumped  
  Etendard 4 dumped  
1 N262ECS dumped  
620 Lynx HAS2 dumped  
04 SA3210 dumped  
The Etendard remains unknown. Pictures show its not the same as the burned 11. The current Etendard was f/n in June 2009.      
Far side (near terminal):
21 CM175 stored  
418/F-RADC A310-304 ET03.060  
125/XO TBM-700A ETEC00.065  
MM62212/9-01 P180AM SezAerea  
U.20-2/01-406 Ce550 Eslla004  
830500 C-20A VR-1  
Flying only:
13 ATL2 31F  
219 Alouette 3 35F  
Douanes area:
F-ZBGH EC135T2 nn  
F-ZBGI EC135T2 nn  
F-ZBGJ EC135T2 nn  
F-ZBCG CeF406 hangared  
F-ZBCI CeF406 hangared  
F-ZBEL AS355F2 plus one wreck  
Gendarmerie area:
1756/JCH AS350BA nn  
(0772)/JDG EC135T2 nn  
The Douanes and Gendarmerie area were visible from the civil terminal. Spanish SH-3H HS.9-08/01-508      
made a short visit from the bay in the evening as did French SA365 322. Also seen in the evening      
was AS365 F-GVHN from 35F. Replica FW190A-8 F-AZZJ crashed in the bay on Saturday.      

Credits: Arjen Sleeuwenhoek, Jaco Haasnoot, Reinold Kalsbeek

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