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Lann-Bihoue 1983

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Date: 19 June 1983

Made by:


ALIZE    	  86       	  4f
NEPTUNE  	  147567   	  25f

A-10A             80-0181/WR      81 TFW  `81 TFW`
ALIZE             56              4f
ALPHA JET         E115/314-VF     GE-314
ALOUETTE II       F-BIES          
ATLANTIC          68              23f
BROUSSARD         021             F-BUSS
CESSNA 404        F-ZBDX          DOUANE
ENTENDARD IVP     108             16f
SUPER ENTENDARD   62              14f
F-15C             79-0051/BT      36 TFW
HARVARD           51-14367        F-AZBK
JAGUAR A          A152/11-RG      EC3/11
MIRAGE F-1C       270/12-KE       EC2/12
MIRAGE IIIE       573/3-IA        EC1/3
NEPTUNE           147563          25f
NORATLAS          113/312-BM      GI-312
XINGU             85              52s

Flightline/Far side:
A-10A             80-0168/WR      81 TFW
ATLANTIC          52              24f
ALIZE             68              4f
ALPHA JET         E129/314-VP     GE-314
ALPHA JET         E14/0 	  Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET         E63/1  	  Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET         E57/2  	  Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET         E107/3  	  Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET         E53/4  	  Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET         E59/5  	  Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET         E52/6  	  Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET         E58/7  	  Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET         E56/8 	  Patrouille de France
ALOUETTE III      2100            22s
ALOUETTE III      2314            22s
C-135F            38475/CF        ERV-93
CAP-10B           133/VK          GI-312
CAP-20B           3/VW            GI-312
SUPER ENTENDARD   24              14f
F-8E CRUSADER     11              12f
F-15C             79-0064/BT      36 TFW
GAZELLE           1612/ABC        EHL-2
JAGUAR A          A97/11-RH       EC3/11
LYNX HAS-2        276             34f
MIRAGE F-1C       39/12-KM        EC2/12
MIRAGE IIIE       519/3-JG        EC2/3
MIRAGE IIIE       538/3-ID        EC1/3
MIRAGE IVA        13/AL
NEPTUNE           148334          25f
NIMROD MR2        XV246           KINLOSS
NORATLAS          130/312-BP      GE-312
SUPER FRELON      165             32f
TRANSALL          F3/61-MC        ET-61
XINGU             81              52s

Base ramps:
ALOUETTE III      2303            22s
ATLANTIC          1       	  23f
ATLANTIC          3       	  23f
ATLANTIC          31       	  23f
ATLANTIC          47       	  23f
ATLANTIC          5          	  24f
ATLANTIC          7          	  24f
ATLANTIC          44          	  24f
MAGISTER          197/315-XB      GE-315
MAGISTER          336/315-IA      GE-315
NEPTUNE           147562    	  25f
NEPTUNE           147568    	  25f
NEPTUNE           147570    	  25f
NEPTUNE           148332          25f               
NORD 262          72              56s
NAVAJO            232             6s

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