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Le Bourget 1969

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Date: 8/9 June 1969

Made by: Willy Metze, Mauri G

Updated: 23 March 2007

	  EI-270      AB205			   			Show nr H626
	  	      An-22			   Aeroflot
CCCP-26184	      An-26			   Aeroflot
		      Mi-6						Show nr H863
		      AH-1G						Show nr 153
CF-YPK		      DHC-5A			   DHC
327       33-NH       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
474                   MIRAGE IIIE                  U 
1                     MIRAGE IVA                   U 
..                    MIRAGE G8                    U 
02                    MIRAGE F1                    U 
E01       F-ZWRB      JAGUAR E                     U 
E02       F-ZWRC      JAGUAR E                     U 
A 03      F-ZWRD      JAGUAR A                     U 
A 04      F-ZWRE      JAGUAR A                     U 
..                    MIRAGE M5                    U 
1         K           BR941S                       U 
F5        61-ME       C160F                        ET1/61 
48                    BR1050                       U 
XM214                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1A            NO.226 OCU 
XM215                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1A            NO.226 OCU 
XR728     D           LIGHTNING F.MK.6             NO.23 SQN 
XR        A           LIGHTNING F.MK.6             NO.23 SQN 
G-AXEE                LIGHTNING F.53K              			s/n 512? 
XV395                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV741                 HARRIER GR.MK1               NO.233 OCU 
XV744                 HARRIER GR.MK1               NO.233 OCU 
XS231                 JET PROVOST T.MK.5           X 
XA927                 VICTOR B.K.MK1A              NO.214 SQN 
....                  VICTOR B.K.MK1A              NO.214 SQN 
XV868                 BUCCANEER S.MK.2             NO.809 SQN 
XS728     E           DOMINIE T.MK.1               NO.1 FNS 
XP441                 ARGOSY C.MK.1                NO.247 SQN 
XS599                 ANDOVER C.MK.1               NO.46 SQN 
MM6442                G91Y                         RSV (flying)
MM6443                G91Y                         RSV (static)
...       I-FAZE      MB326G                       X                    c/n 6403 
...       I-BAGJ      MB326G                       X                    c/n 6402 
35        13-53       J35F                         F13 
...       56          AJ37                         X 
...       SE-XBZ      S105XT                       ? 
23228                 GALEB                        Yugoslav AF		s/n 667
24328                 JASTREB                      Yugoslav AF		s/n 666
...       D-9531      DO31E1                       EST61 
66-0421               RF-4C                        10TRW/30TRS 		s/n 164
68-0377               F-4E                         401TFW/353TFS 
68-9102               RF-5A                        US MARKS, BUT FOR NORWAY as 89102
68-8935               C-9A                         375AAW 
155394                OV-10A                       ? 
155477    5Y          OV-10A                       VMO4 
60-0311   1344        HC-130H                      USCG 
9x                    CM170R                       PATROUILLE DE FRANCE 
6x                    CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
13x                   G91PAN                       FRECCE TRICOLORI 
XR987                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR992                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR993                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR994                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR995                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR996                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR997                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XS111                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR9..                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 

09.06.1969 Visiting aircraft at end of aero salon: 
XV190                 HERCULES.C.MK.1              LTW 
XV193                 HERCULES.C.MK.1              LTW 
XN854                 ARGOSY C.MK.1                NO.115 SQN 
XP441                 ARGOSY C.MK.1                NO.247 SQN 
XP443                 ARGOSY C.MK.1                NO.247 SQN 
XR135                 ARGOSY C.MK.1                NO.247 SQN 
MM51-17365  46-26     C-119G                       46AEROBRIGATA/2GRP 
..          46-33     C-119J                       46AEROBRIGATA/50GRP 
MM51-8154   46-57     C-119J                       46AEROBRIGATA/50GRP 
MM52-6057   46-90     C-119G                       46AEROBRIGATA/98GRP 
MM52-6024   46-91     C-119G                       46AEROBRIGATA/98GRP 
MM53-3228   46-97     C-119G                       46AEROBRIGATA/98GRP 
CP24      OT-CAX      C-119G                       15WING/20SMALDEEL 
CP35      OT-CBO      C-119G                       15WING/21SMALDEEL 
XS604                 HS748                        NO.46 SQN 
..        BD          N2501                        GI312 
..        BE          N2501                        GI312 
..        QA          C-130A                       459MAW/909MAG 

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