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Le Bourget 1973

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Date: 26 May/2 June 1973

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

1087      JAH	      Alouette II		   nn
67                    BR1150                       ... 
63-12738  CJ          KC-135F                      ERV4/91 LANDES 
45692		      DC-8
45819	  FC  	      DC-8
34                    ETENDART IVM                 17F 
02	  F-ZJTA      Falcon 10
A4        118-AG      JAGUAR A                     CEAM 
E3        118-AI      JAGUAR E                     CEAM 
418       2-ET        MIRAGE IIIE                  EC1/2 CICOGNES 
368       33-TQ       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
1                     MIRAGE F1                    CEV 
3                     Mirage F.1C
4                     MIRAGE F1                    CEV 
.                     MIRAGE IVA                   EB / 
50                    MIRAGE 5F                    nn
01                    MIRAGE G8                    CEV 
02                    MIRAGE G8                    CEV 
7	  MB          N.260
....	  ADH	      Puma			   ALAT
18                    SUPER ETENDART               11F 
304       DR	      Vautour IIN
CM02		      Falcon 20			   BAF
5-204		      F.27M    			   IIAF
MM80709   EI-338      AB.205A
MM6491     	      G.91Y   			   311 Gr RSV
MM6492    375         G.91Y
MM54290   	      MB.326K   		   311 Gr RSV
MM54391   I-KMAK      MB.326K
MM5023    6-22        SH-3D
MM61-2975             SM.1019E
C10C-110              HA200                        ?? 
V65-030   84+28       CH-53G                       ??? 
TR.12A-3	      CASA 212B-1
XT.12-2      	      CASA 212
37805     7-65        SK37                         F7 
37023     7-23        AJ37                         F7 
37025     7-25        AJ37                         F7 
37026     7-26        AJ37                         F7 
XX525        	      Bulldog T.1
XV782                 HARRIER GR.MK.1              NO.4 SQN 
XV806		      HARRIER GR.MK.1		   RAF
ZA250     G-VTOL      HARRIER T.MK.2               HS 
XX475                 JETSTREAM T.MK.1             A&AEE 
XX112                 JAGUAR GR.MK.1               ?? 
XX519		      LYNX HAS.1		   RN
XX907        	      LYNX AH.1
XV243                 NIMROD MR.MK.1               ?? 			Also logged as XV263
157593    AA401       A-7E                         VA81/CVW17 
150690		      KC-130F  			   BLUE ANGELS
153072/1              F-4J                         BLUE ANGELS 
153081/2              F-4J                         BLUE ANGELS 
153084/3              F-4J                         BLUE ANGELS 
153839/4              F-4J                         BLUE ANGELS 
153876/5              F-4J                         BLUE ANGELS 
153076/6              F-4J                         BLUE ANGELS 
72- 1390              F-5E                         ?? 
158621    NJ401       F-14A                        VF124 
158920                P-3C                         LOCKHEED (USN c/s)
XP514		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
XR539		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
XR540		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
XR955		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
XR987		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
XR991		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
XR993		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
XS101		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
XS111		      GNAT T.MK.1		   RED ARROWS
11x       V.          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
NF14-747	      Meteor NF.14
418       G-BAWF      BAC-167 Mk.82A		   SoMOAF
D-9574       	      Bo 105C
CCCP-77102	      Tu-144			   w/o 03/06
F-ZBAL		      Alouette III		   nn
TL-KAZ		      Falcon 20			   nn

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