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Le Bourget 1975

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Date: 5-8 June 1975

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

50        30-MB       MIRAGE F1C                   EC1/30 NORMANDIE-N 
24        30-FB       MIRAGE F1C                   EC3/30 LORRAINE 
25        30-FC       MIRAGE F1C                   EC3/30 LORRAINE 
01                    MIRAGE F1E                   CEV 
200                   MIRAGE F1CZ                  SAAF 
608       4-BI        MIRAGE IIIE                  EC2/4 LAFAYETTE 
37        13-SF       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
46        13-SP       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
M5 ?                  MIRAGE 50 
A 20      7-HF        JAGUAR A                     EC1/7 PROVENCE 
E 21      7-PJ        JAGUAR E                     EC1/7 PROVENCE 
A 23      7-HI        JAGUAR A                     EC1/7 PROVENCE 
A 32      7-IL        JAGUAR A                     EC3/7 LANGUEDOC 
41                    BR1150                       21F 
58                    DC-4?                        FN 
39                    FALCON 10MER                 57S 
F 93      61-ZK       C160F                        ET2/61 FRENCH-COMTE 
31        62-WB       NORATLAS 
01        AS          ALOUETTE II                  FAF 
7         SI          ALOUETTE II                  FAF 
208       SG          ALOUETTE II                  FAF 
337       SC          ALOUETTE II                  FAF 
2067      67-FB       ALOUETTE III                 FAF 
2061      67-IA       ALOUETTE III                 FAF 
2167??    67-IF       ALOUETTE III                 FAF            MOST PROBABLY 2102! 
2053      67-IE       ALOUETTE III                 FAF 
2020      67-IB       ALOUETTE III                 FAF 
2077      67-FC       ALOUETTE III                 FAF 
1080      68-SO       ALOUETTE III                 FAF 
1076                  ALOUETTE III                 GLAM, FAF 
1671      JAV         ALOUETTE III                 GENDARMERIE 
1676      JAK         ALOUETTE III                 GENDARMERIE 
1236      ADI         PUMA                         FAF 
1232      ADJ         PUMA                         FAF 
....      ADG         PUMA                         FAF 
1257                  PUMA                         GLAM, FAF 
2089                  SA319                        FN 
04                    SA321 
149       L           SA321G                       32F 
150       M           SA321G                       32F 
1252      BSC         SA341F                       ALAT 
1327                  SA341                        ALAT 
04        F-ZWRX      ALPHA JET                    CEV 
01                    SUPER ETENDARD               CEV 
02                    SUPER ETENDARD 
3         VV          CAP20 
9         ME          N260 (or N262?)              FAF            IN HANGAR 
83        AI          N262                         FAF            IN HANGAR 
85                    N262                         FN             IN HANGAR 
238                   MYSTERE                      FAF            IN HANGAR 
CM-02                 MYSTERE                                     IN HANGAR 
EC-BXV                MYSTERE                      SPANISH AF     IN HANGAR 
763       AM          CANBERRA                     MUSEUM 
42        62-ND       BREGUET 941                  MUSEUM 
330       30-ML       VAUTOUR                      MUSEUM 
          F-BGSP      B-17G                        INSTITUT GEOGRAF.NATIONAL 
0001      40+01       ALPHA JET                    EST61 
A45                   ALOUETTE II                  BAF, BLUE BEES 
A49                   ALOUETTE II                  BAF, BLUE BEES 
A50                   ALOUETTE II                  BAF, BLUE BEES 
A64                   ALOUETTE II                  BAF, BLUE BEES 
A75                   ALOUETTE II                  BAF, BLUE BEES 
A77                   ALOUETTE II                  BAF, BLUE BEES 
A79                   ALOUETTE II                  BAF, BLUE BEES 
A..                   ALOUETTE II                  BAF, BLUE BEES 
72-01567              YF-16A                       AFFTC/6512TS 
71-0291               TF-15A                       JTF/MDD 
74-01467              F-5E                         USAF 
73-0889               F-5F                         USAF 
159463    NJ443       F-14A                        VF124 
159294    AA301       A-7E                         VA83/CVW17 
157993                S-3A                         USN 
140861                YT-34C                       USN 
73-1648               HH-53C                       USAF 
5-261                 P-3F                         IIAF    IRAN 
XX763                 JAGUAR GR.MK.1               RAF 
XX157                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RAF 
XX161                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RAF 
..        G-VTOL      HARRIER T.MK.52              HS 
XX841                 JAGUAR T.2                   RAF 
XX910                 LYNX                         RN 
XW862/D               GAZELLE                      CFS 
XW870/F               GAZELLE                      CFS 
XW898/G               GAZELLE                      CFS 
XW902/H               GAZELLE                      CFS 
XX374/L               GAZELLE                      CFS 
XV298                 HERCULES 
37811     7-..        SK37                         F7 
37817                 SK37 
37900     FC-         SH37                         FORSOKSCENTRALEN 
NZ6375                Strikemaster Mk88            RNZAF 
916/G-BDBT            SC.7 Skyvan 3M               SOAF 
FAS804/4X-IAQ         IAI Arava                    El Salvador 
G521/B/PH-FRE         F27-400M                     Ghana AF 
MM583                 G.222                        AMI 
MM80900    EI.632     AB.206                       ALE 
MM5025N    6-24       SH-3D                        Italian Navy 
MM80965    GF-63      NH500MC                      GdiF 
MM80827    EI.805     CH-47C                       ALE 
MM61.2975  EI.1       SM1019A                      AVES 
MM54418               SF260AM                      AMI 
MM54391    I-KMAK     MB326 
F-WTSA		      Concorde			   Air France
F-WTSB		      Concorde			   Air France
F-BVGE		      A300-B2-1S/1C		   Air France
CCCP-13395	      An-26		   	   Aeroflot
CCCP-30030	      An-30		   	   Aeroflot
F-BTMD		      Da01			   Air Inter
F-BUTE		      F28-1000			   AF/TAT
CCCP-77144	      Tu-144		   	   Aeroflot
OY-TOR		      VFW-614			   Cimber

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