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Le Bourget 2009

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Date: 15-21 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


reg/serial 	type 		owner 			c/n 		shownr 		comments
- 		AS565MB 	for Bulgarian Navy 	6849 		H20
- 		NH90 		traveling exhibit 	PT1
- 		Tigre 		traveling exhibit 			H26 		ex prototype
- 		AW149 		AgustaWestland 						mock-up
HW352 		Hawk 		HävLLv 41
2555/SF 	EC725R1 	EH01.067 		2555
2010/BHA 	Tigre HAP 	5RHC 			2010
281 		Mirage F1CT 	Dassault
644 		Mirage 2000D 	CEV
301 		Rafale B 	CEV/Dassault
327/113-HZ 	Rafale B 	EC01.007
18, 20 		Rafale M 	12 F
1448/CMC 	SA341F 		ALAT det Djibo
537 		G550 		122sq 			5037 		148 		gone by 20jun
MM7277 		EF2000 		311°Gruppo RSV 				161
MM62230/GF-15 	ATR42-500MP 	GEA 					153
MM62225/46-90 	C-27J 		98°Gruppo TM 				159
MM55093/4-31 	EF2000T 	XX Gruppo AO 				160
CMX616 		M346 		Alenia/Aermachi 			164
T.19B-22/09-502 CN235VIGMA 	Guardia Civil 				211
15021/21 	Hkp15A 		2.Hkpskv
ZJ694 		Sentinel R1 	5sq 			9135 		60
93-0604 	C-17A 		437th AW
64-14864/FL 	HC-130P 	39th RQS AFRC
05-1466 	C-130J-30 	115th AS CA ANG
98-0133/LN 	F-15E 		492nd FS
91-0344/SP 	F-16C 		22nd FS
97-26775/FT 	HH-60G 		41st RQS
162142 		C-2A 		VX-20
163849 		E-2C+ 		VX-20
166659/AD-232 	F/A-18F 	VFA-106
97003 		SSJ100-95 	Sukhoi 					185 		also flying
D-AZAB 		A321-231 	bmi british midland 	3926 				to become G-MEDU, gone 20jun
D-HADP 		EC145 		Eurocopter 		9258 		H22
D-HECG 		EC135T2+ 	Gendarmerie 		0787 		H21 		to become 0787/JDH
EC-001          AS550C2 	nn 			2310 		H19                             
EC-KTP          AT-802A 				802A-0280                               
EC-KZX          A119Ke 		Faasa                                    
EC-XBD          CH640-4                                         
ES-TLF/5 	L-39C 		Breitling
ES-TLG/3 	L-39C 		Breitling
ES-YLP/7 	L-39C 		Breitling
F-ADZP 		AD-4N 		Amicale Jean Salis 					ex FAF 124143/RM; also flying          
F-AZKM          OV-10B 		Avions Ancien Drome 	338-9 				ex German AF 99+24; also flying
F-AZKT          MD311 		Musée Aéron. Lorraines 	260 				ex FAF 260/316-KT               
F-AZNF          N3N-3 		Amicale Jean Salis 					US Navy c/s; also flying               
F-AZOO          Vampire Mk6 	Patrice Fiocconi 					as 10017                            
F-AZSB          P-51D 		SDPA 							as 411622; also flying                               
F-AZZD          CM170 					411 				ex FAF 411                                             
F-AZZU          B-25J 		SDPA 							as 45-8811/SB; also flying                           
F-AZ..          T-6 									as PA-.47                                                    
F-BUAD          A300B2-IC 	Novespace 		003 				Zero G                                   
F-GFKJ          A320-211 	Air France 		063 				retro colours                            
F-GIYL          PA-28-180 	Aero Club Weiller 	28-4540 	217                          
F-HAEC          Ce172S 		Air et Cie Groupe 	172S10041                               
F-HALB          EC120B 		Regourd Aviation 	1394                                     
F-HCCX          Falcon 7X 	Dassault 		42                                            
F-HBDA 		Falcon 900EX-EASy Dassault 		200                      
F-HBGB          TBM-700 	Daher SOCATA 		185 		116                        
F-WILD          APM40 					001 		137                                       
F-WWAI          A340-311 	Airbus Industries 	30                       
F-WWEE          ATR72-212A 	Vietnam Airlines 	877 		86 		to become VN-B218
F-WWML          LH-10 		Ellipse                                       
F-WWOW          A380-841 	Airbus Industries 	001                      
F-WWOZ          EC225LP 				2730 		H24 		to become VN-8618                  
F-WWXX          Carbon Bird 200                                     
F-WWXY          APM30 01 136                                        
G-17-510 	AW101 		Westland 		510-001
G-PBYA 		PBY-5A 		Plane Sailing 		CV-283 		106 		also flying    
G-SMMB          CeF406 		Scottish Fisheries 	F406-0095             
HA-ABD          An-2P 		PC Medical Air 		1G235-21                   
HB-FVG          PC-12/47E 	Pilatus 		1093                          
HB-HZC          PC-21 		Pilatus 		101                               
HB-IRJ          DC-3A-S4C4G 	Super Const. Flyers 	2204            
HB-JET          Falcon 2000LX 	Dasnair 				154                       
HB-FNJ          PC-6/B2-H4 	Susi Air 		965 				to become PK-VVQ        
HB-RCF          MS406C1 				138 				as FAF 138; also flying            
HB-RDF          Mirage 3DS 	Espace Passion 		470 				ex Swiss AF J-2012
HB-RSC          C-121C 		Super Const. Flyers 	4175                 
I-PDVA          P68R 		Vulcanair 		430                              
I-PDVO          P180 		Piaggio 		1189 				to become I-FXRI              
I-RAIS          A109S 					22130                                     
I-RAIX          AW139 					31251 		223 		to become 9M-YPG                
I-SKYC          OMA Sud Skycar 						170                              
LN-WDF          DHC-8-402 	Widerøe 		4244 		13 		gone by 20jun         
"LX-BIP" 	D-Jet 		Diamond Aircraft 	- 				mock-up
N49AG 		C-53D 		Sonoma Valley Aircraft 	11737
N60XR 		Lj60XR 		Jet Advantage 		60-358 		14
N234GX 		Global Express XRS CPR Aviation Finance 9234 		12
N314RL          SR22GTS 				3083                                   
N352BC          Beech 350ER 	L3 communications 	FL-463           
N407GN          Bell 407 				3539 		H36 		gone by 20jun?              
N850BU          TBM-850 	Transatl. Del. Trust 	508 		117           
N4247U          AT-802U 	Air Tractor 		802-4001                   
N44438          Bell 412EP 	Bell Helicopter Textron 36380 		H37   
OE-FAS          DA42MPP 	Diamond Aircraft 	42.234                
OE-FMP          DA42 Opale 	Diamond Aircraft 	42.177             
OE-ILI          CL-850 		Vista Jet 		8048 				gone by 20jun            
OE-VDI          DA42MPP 	Diamond Aircraft 	42.M024               
OE-VDL          DA42NG 		Diamond Aircraft 	42.N006                
OE-VMN          DA42MPP 	Diamond Aircraft 	42.MN001              
OE-VXX          Camcopter S-100 (UAV)                          
SP-GEI          AT-3-100                                       
UR-NTA          An-148-100B 	AeroSvit Airlines 			206 		gone by 20jun

Bell Helicopters chalet:
? 		Bell 429 	Bell Helicopters 	- 				mock-up?

Hall 2:
- 		EC175 		Eurocopter 		- 		H23 		mock-up
Former SECA hangar:
CSX62127 	C-27J 		Alenia 					158? 		also flying
91-0388/SP 	F-16C 		22nd FS 						also flying
166658/AD-216 	F/A-18F 	VFA-106 						also flying
G-MEET 		Lj40 		TAG Aviation

Dugny side:
2233/FY, 2235/FZ AS332L1 	ETEC00.065 						20jun
R201/64-GE 	C-160R 		ET00.064 						arr 20jun   
335/113-IJ 	Rafale B 	EC01.091                                                also flying
TR.20-02/403-12 Ce560 		403 Esc
02-0201 	C-40C 		201st AS DC ANG
07-46311 	C-130J-30 	41st AS
CS-TLU 		A319-133X
RA-42411 	Yak-42D 	Rusjet

Alpha Jet Es of Patrouille de France:
E94/7, E95/5, E114/6, E117/8, E122/1, E134/2, E135/4, E158/0, E162/9, E163/3, E165/9, arrived on 20 June.

F-AZJU 		CASA 352 								as "AZ+JU"
F-AZXZ/4 	Yak-3UA
F-AZZY 		Ryan ST3KR 								Netherlands AF c/s
F-AZ.. 		B-17
F-GAXP 		R2160 		Mission Blue Ciel 			218
F-WWDD 		A380-861 	Airbus Industries 	004 		28

CNA-OS 		KC-130H 	Escadre de Transport
SU-BGV 		G-III 		Egypt Gvmt
V-11 		G-IV 		334sq
F-BVPK 		SN601 		Aero Stock 						stored at Aero Stock hangar
F-GMOF 		SN601 		Aero Stock 	                                        stored at Aero Stock hangar
J5-GZZ 		C212-100 			                                        stored at Aero Stock hangar
F-WFBW 		Falcon 7X 	Dassault

5391/VA 	AS555
1330/AO 	SA330
2552/SE 	EC725
2016 		Tigre 							H25
CSX81579/3-03 	NH90-NFH 	NH Industries 				H2
C-FTNB 		Bell 429
F-GUCA 		AS350B3 	Ixair

Dassault Falcon Services:
MM62210 	Falcon 900EX 	93°Gruppo TS
A6-MAF 		Falcon 900EX-EASy                    
A6-SMS          Falcon 900DX 	Fujairah Aviation Centre
CS-DLA          Falcon 900 	NetJets Europe            
F-GGVB          Falcon 50 	Unijet                     
F-GKHJ          Falcon 900 	Aero Service              
F-GXBV          Falcon 900EX 	Dassault                
F-HALM          Falcon 50 	Marionnaud Parfumeries     
I-NATS          Falcon 2000EX 	Eurojet                
OE-HHH          Falcon 50EX 	Global Jet Austria       
ST-PSA          Falcon 900B 	Sudan Gvmt               
VP-CIT          Falcon 900DX 	Fly Exec                
? 		Falcon 10

2801 		A319-115X 	241.dlt
MM62176/46-41 	KC-130J 	2°Gruppo TM
I-FXRJ 		P180 		Foxair
F-GVAR 		SA365N1 	Regourd Aviation

Flying only:
204/36-CD 	E-3F 		EDCA00.036 						20jun
5523/WF 	AS555AN 	nn
F-TGCI 		EA300SC 	Equippe de Voltige

Unlike previous editions of Le Salon, this probably is not a complete report as we would like, as we received
exactly zero reports, so everything had to be scratched together in bits and pieces.
A lot of aircraft were moved around during the show, as usual some flying aircraft were towed from the static while others flew out of
their home base. Most was seen during the official show on 20 and 21 June. Others have visited on other dates and more aircraft
were seen which had not departed yet.

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