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Le Luc 1999

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Date: 26/27 June 1999

Made by: Malcolm Osborn, Mick Butt

Updated: 28 July 1999

ZG846              Islander 
1088/AZK           SA330B 
87+24              Bo105              Hfr16 
84+33              CH-53G             Hfr35 
5539/AYH           AS555UN 
73+30              UH-1D              Hfr10 
1255/AWS           SA341F 
1753/JCG           AS350              Gendarme 
ZJ276              Squirrel 
4231/AXC           SA342M 
813                Lynx               Fr Navy 
4141/AXR           SA342M 

139/ABS            TBM700 
T-317              Super Puma         Swiss AF 
2338/JBZ           Alouette III 
ZD272/H            Lynx 
XZ334              Gazelle 
XZ349              Gazelle 
ZA777              Gazelle 
ZA726              Gazelle 
ZB673              Gazelle 
80+26              Bo105              Hfr35 
87+51              Bo105              Hfr16 
E173/314-LH        Alphajet 
E99/314-LW         Alphajet 
1447/(AZI)         SA330B 
1142/AZB           SA330B 
1244/AZE           SA330B 
1192/AZF           SA330B 
1051/AZC           SA330B 
U.N                SA330B 
                   SA341F             white 
1335?              SA341F             white 
1448/AWL           SA341F 
1504/AWD           SA341F 
1133/AWG           SA341F 
1562/AWM           SA341F 
1070/AWE           SA341F 
1296/AWF           SA341F 
1451/AWH           SA341F 
4214/AXD           SA342M 
3860/AXI           SA342M 
4178/AXE           SA342M 
4048/AXT           SA342M 
4140/AXV           SA342M 
1482/BCC           SA341F 
1536/BFD           SA341F 
1198/BFI           SA341F 
F-ZWTI             NH-90 
F-ZWWY             Tigre 
ZJ272              Squirrel 
ZJ273              Squirrel 

Hangar open: 
4008/AXB           SA342M 
1770/BBA           Alouette II        w.f.u 

Hangar open: 
5503/AYD           AS555UN 
5537/AYG           AS555UN 
1073/AZD           SA330B 

Hangar Maintenance: 
1576/AWJ           SA341F 
1251/AWK           SA341F 
1400/AWN           SA341F 
1281/AWO           SA341F 
3973/AXA           SA342M 
4022/AXK           SA342M 
1949/AHT/(BBF)     Alouette II 
2104/BBE           Alouette II 

Behind Hangar maintenance: 
"ESI"              H-21 

Hangar closed: 
5471/AYA           AS555UN 
(5491)/AYB         AS555UN 
5496/AYC           AS555UN 
5527/AYE           AS555UN 
5529/AYF           AS555UN 
5541/AYI           AS555UN 
5544/AYJ           AS555UN 
(5611)/AYK         AS555UN 
(1093)/AZA         SA330B 
(1519)/AZN         SA330B 

Hangar closed: 
1797/BBG           Alouette II 
2152/BBJ           Alouette II 
(1642)/AWB         SA341F 
1191/(AWV)         SA341F 

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