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Le Luc 2001

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Date: 19 May 2001

Made by: Scramble, Mervin Thomas,


H-244			H500M		Hær FL       
P-254		        AS550C2		PVHKmp       
7183		        UH-1D		HFWS         
8006		        Bo105M		HFWS         
8304		        Sea Lynx Mk88	MFG3 
8412		        CH-53G		HFWS         
8616		        Bo105P		HFWS         
ZD984/BJ	        Chinook HC2	18sq 
XX412		        Gazelle AH1	847sq
XV186/186	        Hercules C1	LTW  
XZ612		        Lynx AH7	847sq
XZ653		        Lynx AH7	661sq
XZ669		        Lynx AH7	669sq
ZA313/M, ZD480/E	Sea King HC4	845sq
89-0141			CH-47D		159th AVN 
94-0153		        OH-58D(I)	nn
96-26679	        UH-60L		159th AVN 
87-0412		        AH-64A		nn        
2267/AIB	        AS532UL	        nn        
505			AS565MA	        36F       
120/VA*			CAP10B	        EPAA20.300
21/300-CE*		CAP231	        EPAA20.300
1010/AZO, 1051/AZC	SA330B	        EAALAT    
1057/AZB, 1085/AZA	SA330B	        EAALAT    
1130/AZR, 1172/AZK	SA330B	        EAALAT    
1133/AWG, 1251/AWK	SA341F	        EAALAT    
1255/AWS, 1522/AWB	SA341F	        EAALAT    
3530/AXS, 4048/AXT	SA342M	        EAALAT    
4140/AXV, 4141/AXR	SA342M	        EAALAT    
4231/AXC		SA342M	        EAALAT    
159/ABU			TBM700	        EMAT      
F-AZPI			CM175	        ex FN 5   
F-GHGB			MH1521M	        ex FAF 256
F-GOTM/14		Cap21	        private   
F-ZWTI*			NH90	        Eurocopter
G-BWXO, G-BWXY		T-67M	        JEFTS     
* = also flying

Maintenance hangar 1:
1210/AWU, 1400/AWN	SA341F		EAALAT
1504/AWD, 1562/AWM	SA341F		EAALAT
1658/AWT, 1717/AWW	SA341F		EAALAT
3547/AXQ, 4115/AXU	SA342M		EAALAT
4184/-			SA342M		EAALAT

Maintenance hangar 2:
1008/AZQ, 1269/AZJ	SA330B		EAALAT
1198/BZR		SA330B		3RHC

Hangar 1:
5537/AYG, 5611/AYK	AS555UN		EAALAT
1028/AWI, 1129/AWR	SA341F	        EAALAT
1171/AWV, 1267/AWA	SA341F	        EAALAT
1403/AWG, 1448/AWL	SA341F	        EAALAT
1451/AWH, 1660/AWF	SA341F	        EAALAT
1678/AWP		SA341F	        EAALAT
3929/AXJ, 4008/AXB	SA342M	        EAALAT
4022/AXK, 4190/AXE	SA342M	        EAALAT

Outside hangar 1 and flying:
5471/AYA, 5503/AYD	AS555UN		EAALAT

Hangar 2:
5539/AYH		AS555UN	        EAALAT
5541/AYI		AS555UN	        EAALAT
1012/AZG, 1060/AZI	SA330B	        EAALAT
1632/AZE, 1447/AZP	SA330B		EAALAT

Hangar 3:
..../AZA?		SA330B		EAALAT

Hangar 4:
2066/BBD		Alouette 2	stored
1612/AWO		SA341F		EAALAT
4141/AXR		SA342M		EAALAT

2104/BBE		Alouette 2	stored
FR107/ESI		H-21C		preserved
4214/AXD		SA342L1		EAALAT

Flying only:
1x			CL415		Securité Civile
1x			S2F-1		Securité Civile

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