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Le Luc 2005

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Date: 4 June 2005

Made by: Alan Kilh


72+94			UH-1D		THR30                      
74+05	                Tiger UHT	D/F HFlgAusbZ Tiger
82+65	                EC135T1		HFWS                       
84+40	                CH-53G		MTHR25                     
86+45	                Bo105P1		D/F HFlgAusbZ Tiger        
ZJ272/72		Squirrel HT1	DHFS
0008/ABM	        CeF406		EAAT           
2611/BJH	        EC725AP	        GAM/STAT       
9019/JBD	        EC145	        Gendarmerie    
2002/ATB	        EC665	        EAALAT         
F-ZBPA			EC145	        Sécurité Civile
F-AZFM	                N3400	        ex France 122  
F-AZLD	                SV-4B	        private        
F-AZVS	                CASA1.131E	private

ST45			SF260D		5sm
86+11			Bo105P1		D/F HFlgAusbZ Tiger
CNA-MA/023		CN235M-100	3sq/Moroc AF
ZJ273/73, ZJ275/75	Squirrel HT1	DHFS
115/ABQ			TBM-700	        EAAT  
3904/AWA		SA342M	        EAALAT
3896/AXH	        SA342M	        EAALAT
5593/AYM	        AS555UN	        EAALAT
1023/AZM	        SA330B	        EAALAT
891/MCE			PC-6/B2-H4	ECTM	spec mks
F-AZJL	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WP900    
F-GJJM	                MH1521M		ex France 292           
F-GSCB	                PA-18-135	as "18-4577"    
SP-AOO	                An-2		ex Poland 0865          

The Moroccan team Marche Verte with the followin Cap232s:
42/CN-ABV/1,	41/CN-ABU/2,	37/CN-ABT/3,
36/CN-ABS/4,	31/CN-ABR/5,	29/CN-ABQ/6,
43/CN-ABW/-,	44/CN-ABX/-

Flying (Saturday):
F-ZBAP/12, F-ZBEH/20	S-2 Firecat	Sécurité Civile
F-ZBFN/33, F-ZBFS/32	CL-415		Sécurité Civile

Hangar (open):

Hangar (open):
1196/AZC, 1252/AZR	SA330B		EAALAT

Hangar (open):
3851/AXS		SA342M		EAALAT

Hangar (open):
1133/AWG		SA341F		EAALAT
3912/AXV, 4114/AXL	SA342M		EAALAT

Close to main gate:
(FR107)/ESI		H-21C		pres  
(251)			MH1521M	        pres  
2066/BBD		SA318C	        pres  
1703			SA341F	        pres  
3531/AXB, 3857/AXJ	SA342M	        EAALAT

Operational ramp:
5503/AYD, 5539/AYH	AS555UN		EAALAT
1003/AZD, 1052/AZJ	SA330B	        EAALAT
1087/AZN, 1088/AZP	SA330B	        EAALAT
1235/AZA		SA330B	        EAALAT
2001/ATA		EC665	        EAALAT
1255/AWS, 1335/AWC	SA341F	        EAALAT
1504/AWD		SA341F	        EAALAT
4048/AXT, 4141/AXR	SA342M	        EAALAT
4211/AXC, 4222/AXD	SA342L1	        EAALAT

Hangar 1:
5471/AYA, 5496/AYC	AS555UN		EAALAT
5537/AYG, 5599/AYN	AS555UN	        EAALAT
5606/AYP		AS555UN	        EAALAT
1057/AZB	        SA330B	        EAALAT
1211/CZS	        SA330B	        1RHC  

Hangar 3:
5491/AYB, 5544/AYJ	AS555UN		EAALAT
5608/AYQ, 5611/AYK	AS555UN	        EAALAT
3475/AXU, 3853/AXM	SA342M	        EAALAT
3866/AXN, 3869/AXY	SA342M	        EAALAT
3870/AXG, 3895/AXQ	SA342M	        EAALAT
3920/AXO, 4065/AXA	SA342M	        EAALAT
4078/AXF, 4083/AXZ	SA342M	        EAALAT
4096/AXX, 4176/AXI	SA342M	        EAALAT

Hangar 5:
3547/ATY, 4187/ATZ	SA342M		EAALAT

Hangar 6:
87+58			Bo105P1		D/F HFlgAusbZ Tiger

Truck compound:
1179			SA341F		std
The open hangars were near the static, the others (hangar 1-6) were closed and
were near the operational platform.

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