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Le Luc 2009

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Date: 6-7 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


F-AZVM 			N2501F 		as 105/"62-SI"
F-GHIG 		        SO1221S 	ex FR147      
RS04 		        SeaKing Mk48 	BKOKS         
H45 		        A109HA 		17 BnHATk     
461/312-JF 	        Emb312F 	EPNAA05.312   
2001/ATA 	        Tigre HAP 	EFA           
2633/BJQ 	        EC725AP 	DOAS          
522 		        AS565SA 	36F           
804 		        LynxHAS4(FN) 	31F           
F-HBKA, F-HBKE 	        EC120B 		HeliDax       
F-ZBGJ 		        EC135T2+ 	Douanes       
9036/JBG 	        EC145 		Gendarmerie   
V-284 		        SA316B 		nb            
82+62 		        EC135T1 	HFWS          
86+54 		        Bö105P1 	nb            
74+06 		        Tiger UHT 	D/F HFlgAubsZ 
ZJ222 		        Apache AH1 	673(AHTU)sq   
XZ672/H 	        Lynx AH7 	671sq         
Both HeliDax helicopters were recently delivered. They are
used at Dax-Seyresse for helicopter crew training, thus replacing
the EAALAT SA341 Gazelle helicopters.

Hangars (open to public):
1179/"1703/BNI" 	SA341F 		i/a EUFOR
1052/AZJ 		SA330Ba 	EAALAT     
1196/AZC                SA330Ba 	EAALAT     
1223/AZE                SA330Ba 	EAALAT     
3512/ADA                SA342M 		EAALAT/EUFOR
4222/AXD                SA342L1 	EAALAT     
4146/AXJ                SA342M 		EAALAT      
5496/AYC, 5599/AYN 	AS555UN 	EAALAT
The c/n plate of Gazelle "BNI" was checked and confirmed as
1179. The real 1703 is also present at Le Luc. It is preserved behind
the base HQ (on a roundabout leading to the main gate).

Shelter Hangar (at the far east side, closed to public):
3458/AXY, 4018 		SA342M 		EAALAT

Flightline (east side):
C-GEAG/01, C-FDEF/02 	Bell 205A-1 	Trans N.Helicopters
F-AZHJ 			Vampire FB6 	as "57.S.9"
F-AZJB                  Yak C11 	as "60" white  
F-AZKM                  OV-10B 		as 99+24        
F-AZND                  N3202 		as 59            
F-AZPF                  CM175 		as 28            
F-AZQQ                  P.3-05 		as A-864        
F-AZVN                  T-6G 		as 49-2983        
F-BXHE                  CAP10B 		ex 122          
F-GGCN                  MH1521M 	as 6/YE        
F-GSCB                  L-21B 		as "CB"          
90/F-SEXG/0 		TB30 		EPAA00.315
101/F-SEXR/1 		TB30            EPAA00.315
102/F-SEXS/2            TB30            EPAA00.315
141/F-SEZF/3            TB30            EPAA00.315
2002/ATB, 2004/ATE 	Tigre HAP 	EFA
1229/AZA, 1057/AZB 	SA330Ba 	EAALAT
1239/AZI, 1252/AZR 	SA330Ba 	EAALAT
4211/AXM 		SA342L1 	EAALAT
3938/AXQ                SA342M 		EAALAT 
5602/AYD                AS555UN 	EAALAT
159/ABU 		TBM-700B 	EAAT
F-ZBPK 			EC145 		SecCiv
74+05, 74+08 		Tiger UHT 	D/F HFlgAubsZ
84+76 			CH-53G 		nb
86+70 			Bo105P1 dem 	HFWS
T-338 			AS532UL 	LtSt6
Both Bell 205s are leased by the Sécurité Civile for fire fighting
duties. Puma "AZB" was marked: 1.000.000 Heures De Vol

Behind Flightline (east side):
1504/AWD, 1544/AWE 	SA341F 		EAALAT
4065/AXA 		SA342M          EAALAT
4190/AXG, 4042/AXH 	SA342M          EAALAT
4114/AXL, 4120/AXO      SA342M          EAALAT
3992/AXS, 4048/AXT      SA342M          EAALAT
4194/AXU, 3567/AXV      SA342M          EAALAT
4096/AXX, 4083/AXZ      SA342M          EAALAT
4215/AWA, 4209/AWB      SA342L1 	EAALAT
4214/AXC, 4221/AXI      SA342L1         EAALAT
5491/AYB, 5503/AYD      AS555UN         EAALAT
5529/AYF, 5537/AYG      AS555UN         EAALAT
5541/AYI, 5544/AYJ      AS555UN         EAALAT
5611/AYK 		AS555UN         EAALAT

Flightline (west side):
F-GRIG 			SE3130 		ex 1038
F-HDST 			AS350BA 	ex 2110/F-ZBFH
____/AXF 		SA342M 		EAALAT
5608/AYQ 		AS555UN 	EAALAT

Flightline (west side, near car park):
1662/AZG, 1236/AZK 	SA330Ba 	EAALAT

Flightline (SAR, behind building, next to road to main gate):
1163/AZF 		SA330Ba 	EAALAT
1951/F-ZBBN 		AS350B2 	SecCiv

Main gate:
"ESI" 			H-21C 		pres, ex FR107
-- 			MH1521M 	preserved, ex 251
2066/BBD 		SA318C 		preserved
1703/"LJY" 		SA341F 		preserved
As usual, the organization at Le Luc managed to put up a fine
show. Lots of ALAT helicopters could be logged, and the photo
opportunities were fine as well as the flight lines are concerned.
As could be expected in the Provence, the weather was excellent
with lots of sunshine. Even though listed here with different
unit designations, the French and German Tiger attack helicopters
are operated by a joint training unit at this base. The Germans
refer to this unit as Deutsch/Französisches Heeresfliegerausbildungszentrum
Tiger (D/F HFlgAusbZ Tiger), while the French refer to this unit as 
Ecole France-Allemande (EFA).

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