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Les Mureaux 1990

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Date: 13 May 1990

Made by: Ben Uffen


1427/ADA        	SA330           	6RHC     
1026/ABB                SA341                   1GHL     
1038/ABD                SA341                   1GHL     
1147/ABE                SA341                   1GHL     
1151                    SA341                   nn       
1179/ABC                SA341                   1GHL     
1193/ABA                SA341                   1GHL     
03/VB                   CAP10B  	        GI312    
01/CA                   CAP230  	        GI312    
287/MJS 	        MH1521  	        ALAT     
202                     N2501                   Pres.    
2021                    Alouette II             nn       
2081/BTC                Alouette II             1GHL     
2127/BTA                Alouette II             1GHL     
2161/BTE                Alouette II             1GHL     
2164/AGJ                Alouette II             3GHL     
2205/BTB                Alouette II             1GHL     
1106/ACB                Alouette III            6RHC     
1113/MJR                Alouette III            nn       
1120/BTF                Alouette III            1GHL     
1144/BTI                Alouette III            1GHL     
1271/ACG                Alouette III            6RHC     
1280/BTJ                Alouette III            1GHL     
1534/BTH                Alouette III            1GHL     
F210/64-GJ              C160NG  	        ET64     
275                     Lynx HAS2               AN       
2044/JCN                AS350B  	        Gend.Nat.
2126/JAA                Ce U206F                Gend.Nat.
82/F-BLYB               MS733                   Ex AdlA  
30153/F-AZFR            Kraguj  	        c/n 037  

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