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Luxeuil 2015

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Luxeuil-St Sauveur Air Show
Date: 27-28 June 2015
3H-FD PC-7 Lehrabteilung  
FA-98 F-16AM 2 Wg  
ST16 SF260M+ CC Air  
46+32, 46+35 Tornado ECR TLG51  
E81/120-FO Alpha Jet E E02.002 $
E166 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/PdF  
101/VT CAP10B BCRE pres  
202/339-WW CM170 pres  
R94/61-ZL C-160R ET00.064  
A58 Jaguar A nose only  
„33-LD“ Mirage F.1 nose only  
584/4-AN Mirage IIIE pres  
568/4-BI Mirage IIIE pres  
525/115-AM Mirage 2000B EC02.005  
49/116-EA, 52/116-EH Mirage 2000-5F GC01.002  
78/116-EC Mirage 2000-5F GC01.002  
649/133-XY Mirage 2000D EC03.003  
329/116-BH Mirage 2000N pres  
483/339-JI Mystere 20F pres  
327/113-HZ Rafale B ETR02.092  
27 Rafale M ETR02.092  
4136/GBT SA342M 1 RHC  
2118/JCV AS350BA Gendarmerie  
L-09 PC-7 131EMVOsq  
24 C295M 13 ELTr  
736 Mi-24V 5..BLot  
508 Su-22UM-3K 21.BLT  
2718 L-410UVP-E Dopravné krídl  
6627 MiG-29AS AF 1 SL  
78-0651/DM, 82-0648/DM A-10C 354th FS  
F-AZOH MS733 ex FAF 63/TB  
F-AZOA Bulldog T1 ex RAF XX688  
3H-FC PC-7 Lehrabteilung $
2626/SD EC725R2 EH01.067  
58/16-EZ 63/116-EN Mirage 2000-5F GC01.002  
66/116-EO Mirage 2000-5F GC01.002  
335/125-CI, 354/125-BJ Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
371/125-BD Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
119/113-IX Rafale C EC01.007 $
330/113-IE Rafale B EC01.091  
73/315-WP, 121/315-WL TB-30 EPAA00.315  
R202/64-GB C-160R RY00.064  
J-5020, J-5023 F/A-18C nb  
F-AZCM T-6G    
125716/DG-22 A-1D (F-AZFN)  
F-AZKM “155454” OV-10B ex GAF  
F-AZJS Spitfire XIX ex RAF PS890  
F-AZGE Flamant ex 158  
F-AZES Flamant ex 226  
F-AZKT Flamant ex 260  
F-AZXJ Fury FB11 ex RNy WH589/115  
G-AZZP CM170 ex FAF 69  
F-BDHC SV-4A    
G-KAXF ‘N-294’ Hunter F6A ex RAF XF515  
HB-RCF D-3801 ex Swiss J-143  
HB-RVN Vampire FB6 ex Swiss  
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300, Patrouille de France:
E46/1, E162/2, E88/3, E114/4, E45/5, E73/6, E139/7, E85/8, E152/9, E95/0
TB-30 of EPAA00.315,Cartouche Dore:
69/F-SEWL, 113/F-SEYD, 116/F-SEYG & 141/F-SEZF
MB339A/PAN (MLU) of 313° Gruppo AA, Frecce Tricolori:
MM54510/1, MM55058/2, M54475/3, M55059/4, M54505/5, M54482/6
MM55055/7, MM54487/8, MM54479/9, MM54500/10, MM55054/11
Hawk T1/A*/W^ f the Red Arrows:
XX177, XX218, XX232, XX244, XX310^
XX319*, XX322*, XX323*, XX325
Hangars Behind Flightline (facing left)
38/116-EI, 40/116-EX Mirage 2000-5F GC01.002  
77/118-AX Mirage 2000-5F ECE05.330  
350/125-AJ Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
Hangars Behind Flightline (facing right)
56/116-EG, 74/116-MK Mirage 2000-5F GC01.002  
Unforunately the reports found on the internet were not all complete or just a great summary. We did our outmost best to make the overview as clear and complete as possible with the imformation we could find.


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