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Metz 1975

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Date: 14 June 1975

Made by:


483       13-PL       MIRAGE IIIE                  EC2/13 ALPES 
547       13-QH       MIRAGE IIIE                  EC1/13 ARTOIS 
547       33-NM       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
85        12-YF       SUPER MYSTERE B2             EC1/12 CAMBRESIS 
185       8-MN        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
54-2166   11-MV       F-100D                       EC2/11 VOSGES 
54-2203   11-MW       F-100D                       EC2/11 VOSGES 
E25       7-PL        JAGUAR E                     EC2/7 ARGONNE 
A 10      7-PU        JAGUAR A                     EC2/7 ARGONNE 
60        5-NQ        MIRAGE F1C                   EC1/5 VENDEE 
47        5-NO        MIRAGE F1C                   EC1/5 VENDEE 
13                    F-8E(FN)                     14F 
38                    F-8E(FN)                     14F 
15                    ETENDART IVM                 11F 
52                    ETENDART IVM                 11F 
54-1577   338-HO      T-33S-US                     CEVSV338 
68-0533   HR          F-4E                         50TFW/496TFS 
F 91      61-ZI       C160F                        ET2/61 FRENCH-COMTE 
83        62-KF       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
64        62-KI       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
77        312-BG      N2501                        GE312 
          CYM         SA330                        ALAT 
          AED         SA341                        ALAT 
92        41-AN       MS760                        ELA00/041 VERDUN 
65        41-AO       MS760                        ELA00/041 VERDUN 
82        41-AP       MS760                        ELA00/041 VERDUN 
77        41-AQ       MS760                        ELA00/041 VERDUN 
94        41-AR       MS760                        ELA00/041 VERDUN 
197       41-AC       MH1521                       ELA00/041 VERDUN 
269       41-AI       MH1521                       ELA00/041 VERDUN 
263       MT 6        CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
272       MT15        CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
275       MT18        CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
278       MT21        CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
280       MT23        CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
282       MT25        CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
289       MT32        CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
XW360     1           JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
XW359     4           JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
XW353     12          JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
XW422                 JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 

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