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Metz 1986

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Date: 22 June 1986

Made by: Herbert Dederichs


188735 		CF-18A 		1 CAD
3862 		F-4F 		JaboG 35
4336 		Tornado 	JaboG 38
236/67-ME 	Al.II 		EH 67
133/YP 		CAP 10B 	GI 312
196/128-VN 	CM.170R 	Metz base flight
3 		F-8E(FN) 	12 F
A141/11-RN 	Jaguar A 	EC 11
E 27/11-MA 	Jaguar E 	EC 11
505/2-ER 	M.2000B 	EC 2
284/41-AM 	MH.1521M 	ELA 41
51/13-SH 	Mirage 5F 	EC 13
264/12-KN 	Mirage F.1C 	EC 12
607/33-CP 	Mirage F.1CR 	ER 33
19/41-AB 	MS.760 		ELA 41
ZA448/EB 	Tornado GR.1 	15 Sq
81-0943/WR y 	A-10A 		81 TFW
80-0010/BT r 	F-15C 		36 TFW
80-0575/HR y 	F-16A 		50 TFW
51-14314 	T-6G 		being restored, but in static

On field:
2090/67-FA 	AL.III 		EH 67
2091/67-FD 	AL.III 		EH 67
2112/67-FG 	AL.III 		EH 67
435/128-VM 	CM.170R 	Metz base flight
28 		N.2501F 	EE 54 (plus 2 others)
105/63-VM 	N.2501F 	ET 63
105/AE 		Nord 262A 	ELA 41 det
1x 		Falcon 20 	GLAM

188750 		CF-18A 		1 CAD
164/67-MA 	Al.II 		EH 67
E175/314-LU 	Alphajet 	GE 314
49 		Altlantic
3/VW 		CAP 20 		GI 312
38/315-YK 	Epsilon 	GE 315
5/118-AS 	M.2000C 	CEAM
3/118-AV 	M.2000C 	CEAM
611/33-CA 	Mirage F.1CR 	ER 33
654/33-CL 	Mirage F.1CR 	ER 33
94/AU 		Nord 262A 	ELA 41 det
107/AX 		Nord 262A 	ELA 41 det 
ZA454/EH 	Tornado Gr.1 	15 Sq
81-0980/WR r 	A-10A 		81 TFW
79-0068/BT y 	F-15C 		36 FTW
80-0574/HR y 	F-16A 		50 TFW
FA-30 		F-16A 		1 Wing
FA-51 		F-16A 		1 Wing
..../CZS 	SA.330B 	1 RHC
..../CYE 	SA.342M 	1 RHC
1x 		Mirage 5F
1x 		C.160
1x 		Mirage F.1C 

98/67-MB 	Al.II 		EH 67
152/67-MC 	Al.II 		EH 67

Civil aircraft:
F-BMQC/200 	MS.733
F-WZDF/315 	Mystere IVA

On display:
28879/9-AU 	F-84F
SA.170/67-EH 	H-34

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