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Mont-de-Marsan 1988

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Date: 16 July 1988

Made by: Ben Uffen


188745  		CF18A           	1CAG       
188758  	        CF18A                   1CAG       
68-0006/UH              F111E                   55TFS      
68-0014/UH              F111E                   55TFS      
FA-58                   F16A                    31sm       
1521/67-DE              SA330B  	        EH1/67     
12/315-UK               TB30                    GE315      
130/315-YU              TB30                    GE315      
471/93-CB               C135FR  	        ERV93      
738/93-CJ               C135FR  	        ERV93      
133/YP  	        Cap10B  	        GI312      
001/CA  	        Cap230  	        GI312      
E3/330-BR               Alpha Jet               CEAM       
E5/330-BT               Alpha Jet               CEAM       
E53/3                   Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E55/5                   Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E58/2                   Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E63/0                   Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E155/6  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E156/9  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E170/8  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E171/7  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E172/4  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E173/1  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
274/13-ZB               Mirage IIIBE            EC1/13     
43/BP                   Mirage IVA              Gateguard  
52/BY                   Mirage IVP              EB1/91     
54/CA                   Mirage IVP              EB1/91     
36/13-PQ                Mirage 5F               EC2/13     
37/13-PB                Mirage 5F               EC2/13     
39/13-PF                Mirage 5F               EC2/13     
509/330-AU              Mirage F1B              CEAM       
510/330-AO              Mirage F1B              CEAM       
512/330-AD              Mirage F1B              CEAM       
618/330-AA              Mirage F1CR             CEAM       
619/330-AC              Mirage F1CR             CEAM       
637/330-AB              Mirage F1CR             CEAM       
638/330-AE              Mirage F1CR             CEAM       
4/330-AW                Mirage 2000C            CEAM       
5/330-AS                Mirage 2000C            CEAM       
39/330-AH               Mirage 2000C            CEAM       
40/330-AI               Mirage 2000C            CEAM       
302/330-AQ              Mirage 2000N            CEAM       
303/330-AR              Mirage 2000N            CEAM       
503/330-AX              Mirage 2000B            CEAM       
515/330-AN              Mirage 2000B            CEAM       
292/OW  	        DHC6                    GAM56      
743/65-CZ               DHC6                    ET65       
082/IA  	        Emb121  	        CEAM       
315/91-GA               CM170                   EB91       
561/330-DH              CM170                   CEAM       
1/330-DB                MS760                   CEAM       
59/330-DO               MS760                   CEAM       
89/330-IR               N262D                   CEAM       
A97/11-RG               Jaguar A                EC3/11     
A144/11-RM              Jaguar A                EC3/11     
2132/67-JG              Alouette III            EH67       
F55/61-ZC               C160F                   ET61       
F202/64-GB              C160NG  	        ET64       
143/F-BLXV              MS733                   Private    
234                     Mystere IVA             Gateguard  
315/1-DF                Mystere IV              F-AZDF     
177/F-AZEL              MD312                   Private    
24545/CVO               O-1                     F-GFVF     
MM6729/53-02            F104S   	        53┬░Stormo  
MM6825/53-06            F104S   	        53┬░Stormo  
J-204                   F16A                    315Sqn     
J-368                   F16B                    313Sqn     
WL757                   Shackleton AEW2         8Sqn       
ZA147/F 	        VC10 K3 	        101Sqn     
ZE361/P 	        Phantom F3              74Sqn      
ZE364/Z 	        Phantom F3              74Sqn      
ZA587                   Tornado GR1             TWCU       
ZA596                   Tornado GR1             TWCU       
XW218/DT                Puma HC1                230Sqn     
FT229                   Harvard 	        F-AZDS     
40+80                   Alpha Jet               JBG43      
41+05                   Alpha Jet               JBG43      

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