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Mont de Marsan 2005

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Date: 22 June 2005

Made by: Scramble, Pieter van 't Hof / SG Woensdrecht, Patrick Dirksen, Frank Mink, L'équipe de Sud-Ouest Spotters


FA56			F-16AM			349sm	spec mks 
FB05, FB21	        F-16BM		        nmks            
FB24		        F-16BM		        OCU	spec mks
43+96, 44+87	        Tornado IDS	        AG51            
ZA602/XII	        Tornado GR4	        12sq            
XZ399/EJ	        Jaquar GR3A	        6sq             
738/93-CJ	        C-135FR		        GRV00.093       
278/30-SG	        Mirage F1CT	        EC01.030        
649/330-AB	        Mirage F1CR	        EC05.330        
53/BZ		        Mirage 4P	        stored          
59/CF		        Mirage 4P	        ERS01.091       
92/330-AW	        Mirage 2000C	        EC05.330        
314/4-AX	        Mirage 2000N	        EC01.004        
372/4-CM	        Mirage 2000N	        EC03.004        
612/3-JK	        Mirage 2000D	        EC02.003        
306/330-ED	        Rafale B	        EC05.330        

E90/330-AI, E99/330-AH	Alpha Jet E		EC05.330   
5152/61-PI		C-130H-30	        ET02.061   
451/339-JC		Falcon 20SNA	        CITac00.339
61/CH, 62/CI		Mirage 4P	        ERS01.091  
49/330-AN, 77/330-AX	Mir 2000-5F	        EC05.330   
315/4-BF, 332/4-BN	Mirage 2000N	        EC02.004   
320/4-CD		Mirage 2000N	        EC03.004   
354/4-BJ, 356/4-BX	Mirage 2000N	        EC02.004   
102/330-EF		Rafale C	        EC05.330   
305/330-EC		Rafale B	        EC05.330   
F-GPAB			Falcon 20	        AV DEF     

43/BP			Mirage 4A		pres. at gate
234			Mystere 4A	        pres. at gate
..			Mirage 3	        near tower   

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