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Mont de Marsan 2007

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Date: 3 June 2007

Made by: Scramble, Alan Kilham, John Varley, Stefan Jongen, Duncan Morley, Danny Bonny, Gijs ten Velde, Dirk Jan de Ridder


AT25 			Alpha Jet 1B+ 		11sm
MT48 			CM170 			11sm
43+07 			Tornado IDS 		JBG33
J-055 			F-16AM 			306sq spec mks   
J-063 			F-16AM                  313sq            
J-193 			F-16AM                  312sq            
J-511 			F-16AM                  311sq            
907 			TA-4SU                  150sq/SingaporeAF
J-5008 			F/A-18C 		nmks
J-5235 			F/A-18D 		nmks
A-902, A-906, A-909 	PC-7 			Pilotenrekrutensch.
A-911, A-912, A-914 	PC-7                    Pilotenrekrutensch.
A-916, A-917, A-919 	PC-7                    Pilotenrekrutensch.
A-939 			PC-7                    Pilotenrekrutensch.
XW212 			Puma HC1 		230sq
ZD716/- 		Tornado GR4 		9sq
ZG798/GQ 		Tornado F3 		43sq
05-5142 		C-17A 			729th AS AFRC
84-0111		 	C-21A 			76th AS
E28/330-AJ 		Alpha Jet E 		EC05.330            
E82/314-TW 		Alpha Jet E             EAC00.314           
E104/314-TG 		Alpha Jet E             EAC00.314           
E108/8-MU 		Alpha Jet E             ETO01.008           
E135/1, E158/2, E75/3 	Alpha Jet E             Patrouille de France
E41/4, E117/5, E160/6 	Alpha Jet E             Patrouille de France
E165/7, E163/8, E162/9 	Alpha Jet E             Patrouille de France
E122/0 			Alpha Jet E             Patrouille de France
R86/61-ZD, R99/61-ZQ 	C-160R 			ET00.061
045/62-IB 		CN235M-200 		ET03.062
257/30-SF 		Mirage F1CT 		GC01.030
631/330-AA 		Mirage F1CR 		EC05.330
113/12-YO 		Mirage 2000C 		EC01.012
335/4-CI 		Mirage 2000N 		EC03.004
505/5-OY, 512/5-OU 	Mirage 2000B 		EC02.005
524/330-AM 		Mirage 2000B 		EC05.330 tiger mks
305/330-EC, 307/330-EE 	Rafale B 		EC05.330
1321/AH 		SA330B 			EH01.067
90/F-SEXG/0 		TB-30 			EPAA00.315
101/F-SEXR/1 		TB-30                   EPAA00.315
102/F-SEXS/2 		TB-30                   EPAA00.315
141/F-SEZF/4 		TB-30                   EPAA00.315
95/XH 			TBM-700A 		ETEC00.065
12 			Rafale M 		CEAM
1388/BDK 		SA341F 			EAALAT
1691/JCF 		AS350BA 		Gendarmarie
F-ZBAZ/01, F-ZBEH/20 	S-2 Firecat 		Sécurité Civile
F-ZBFS/32 		CL-415 			Sécurité Civile
F-AZDD 			MD312 			ex 216
F-AZHK 			AD-4N 			ex 127002
F-AZJQ 			Chipmunk T10 		ex RAF WP967
F-AZKM 			OV-10B 			ex Germany 99+24
F-AZXU 			MS733 			ex 141
F-AZYS "133704" 	F4U-5NL 		ex Bu124541
F-AZYT 			AT-6C 			ex 41-32360
F-BGPT 			PA-18 			as "39-F"
F-GIBN 			MH1521M 		ex 261

Shelter area:
70/330-AD 		Mirage 2000-5F 		EC05.330
92/330-AW 		Mirage 2000C 		EC05.330
665/330-AE 		Mirage 2000D 		EC05.330

Hangar 5, static side (closed):
666/330-AR 		Mirage 2000D 		EC05.330
681/330-AG 		Mirage 2000D 		EC05.330

Hangar 6, static side (closed):
730/CA, 745/CV 		DHC-6-300 		ET03.062

Shelter area EC05.330:
18/330-AK 		Alpha Jet E 		EC05.330
350/330-AN 		Mirage 2000N 		EC05.330
The Alpha Jet was visible from the static area, but the Mirage
was not.

Far side:
123/62-IM, 128/62-IK 	CN235-200M 		ET03.062
77/XD 			TBM-700A 		ETM01.040
The CN235s were not visible from the static area, but the TBM
arrived around nine o’clock in the morning before it was
parked on the far side.

542 "330" 		CM170 			pres on base
601/- 			Mirage F1CR 		pres on base
577/330-BM 		Mirage 3E 		pres on base
43/BP 			Mirage 4A 		pres near main gate
(234) 			Mystère 4A 		pres near main gate

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