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Mont de Marsan 2012

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Mont de Marsan Journée Portes Ouvertes
Date: 3 June 2012
E147/118-LT Alpha Jet E ECE05.330  
77/118-AX Mirage 20005-F ECE05.330  
655/118-FB (33-FB) Mirage F1CR ER02.033 $
647/118-CB Mirage F1CR ER02.033  
229/118-QW Mirage F1CT ER02.033  
653/118-AU Mirage 2000D ECE05.330  
304/118-EB Rafale B ECE05.330  
119/118-IX, 131/118-GJ Rafale C EC02.030  
78/XE TBM-700A CEAM  
150/315-ZN TB-30 EPAA00.315  
Static, tents:
927 A-4SU 150 sq  
950 TA-4SU 150 sq  
E119/118-FE Alpha Jet E ECE05-330  
471/93-CB C-135FR GRV00.093  
202/702-CB E-3F EDCA01.036  
R93/61-ZK C160R ET00.061    
2461/SA EC725R2 EH01.067  
086/YI EMB121AA EAT00.319  
51/118-AS Mirage 2000-5F ECE05.330  
59 / 116-EV Mirage 2000-5F GC01.002  
335/125-CI, 338/125-GC Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
370/125-CQ Mirage 2000N EC03.004  
603/113-XL Mirage 2000D EC00.003  
616/118-XH Mirage 2000D ECE05.330  
504/118-ST Mirage F1B ER02.033  
509/118-SD Mirage F1B ER02.033  
653/118-CY, 660/118-CY Mirage F1CR ER02.033  
107/113-HJ Rafale C 1007  
135/113-GN Rafale C nb  
103/XI` TBM-700A ETEC00.065  
104/XJ TBM-700A EdC00.070  
2040 Tigre HAP nn  
F-GHRK DHC-6    
Rafale C of EC02.030:
113/118-IR, 114/118-IS, 123 /118-GB, 132/118-GK, 133/118-GL
Alpha Jet of EPAA20.300, Patrouille de France:
E94/0/F-TERH, E152/1/F-UHRT, E162/2/F-TERJ, E130/3/F-TERP
E46/4/F-UHRF, E41/5/F-TERA, E166/6/ F-UHRW, E165/7/ F-TERE
Mirage F1B still wore the badge of its previous squadron, Normandie-Niemen.


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