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Nîmes-Garons 2006

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Date: 23 September 2006

Made by: Scramble, Terry McGreade, Kevin Brewer, Julian Bloomfield


Atlantic hangar 1:
472/312-JQ		EMB312F		EPNAA15.312
21/5-NG			Mirage 2000C	EC01.005
310/4-CE		Mirage 2000N	EC03.004
C-GZIC			Hunter F58	ex Swiss J-4060
F-GPAD			Falcon 20E	AVDEF
F-ZVMD/269		A-4N		AVDEF, ex 159536

Atlantic hangar 2:
79			EMB121AN	28F
19/5-NE			Mirage 2000C	EC01.005
46			N262E		28F
F-AZVM			N2501F		'105/62-SI'

Open hangar:
ZD263/639		Lynx HAS3S	(702sq)
30			Da50SURMAR	24F
132/315-YW		TB-30		EPAA00.315

Hangar nearest northern ramp (partly open):
73, (79)		N262E		28F

Closed hangar (partly open):
67			EMB121AN	24F
53, 70, 75, 100		N262E		28F

Open hangar (Late):
26			ATL2		21F
1			E-2C		4F
F-BPNV			N262A		fuselage only, i/a

FA130, FA131		F-16AM		nn
R55/61-ZC		C-160R		ET00.061
3965/AXH		SA342M		EAALAT
507			AS565MA		36F
5			ATL2		21F
276			LynxHAS2(FN)	31F
3*, 5*, 8		Rafale M	12F
160			SA321G		32F
32, 35, 37, 71		Sup Etendard	nn	*
F-ZBCG			CeF406		Douanes
F-ZBFY/35		CL-415		Sécurité Civile
F-ZBQD			EC145		Sécurité Civile
* = also flying

And the Patrouille de France with the following Alpha Jets:
E130/1	E75/3	E158/4	E94/5	E134/6	E117/7
E31/8	E49/9	E122/0	E165/-	E135/-

F-AZDA			MS500		as "BB+UG"                 
F-AZDQ	                AD-4NA	        ex USA 126956      
F-AZDX	                B-17G	        ex USA 44-8846     
F-AZHE	                T-6 (F-6F repl.) as "14.F.7"
F-AZJB	                Yak-11		ex Egypt 539               
F-AZJS	                Spitfire PR19	ex RAF PS890       
F-AZKM	                OV-10B		ex Germany 99+24           
F-AZLT	                MS760	        ex France 32       
F-AZPF	                CM175	        ex France 28       
F-AZSB	                P-51D	        ex USA 44-74427    
F-AZST	                PT-17	        as USN "184"       
F-AZYS "133704"		F4U-5NL	        ex USA 124541   
F-AZYT			AT-6C	        ex USA 41-32360 
F-GIBN	                MH1521M	        ex France 261   
HB-RAO	                MS317	        nn              
HB-RCF	                MS406	        as France "1"   
HB-RDE	                B-25J	        ex USA 45-8811  
HB-RVN	                Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1197
HB-UPY	                DH82A		ex RAF T6991           

And the L-39s of the Breitling Team:

Parked at rear of hangars:
68, 71, 77		EMB121AN	28F
60, 72			N262E		28F

Northern dispersals:
51, 52, 63, 69		N262E		28F
7, 23 *			ATL2		21F
49, 50, 52, 53		Br1050		std
55, 56, 59		Br1050		std
*= also flying

Southern dispersal:
6			ATL2		21F

Ramp Civil side:
1075/AF, 1435/DC	Alouette 3	std
F-ZBFS/32		CL-415		Séc Civile	hangar
F-ZBFV/37		CL-415		Séc Civile	ramp
(TR-LTZ)		DC-8		Gabon gvmt

5			Br1050		preserved
31			Br1150		preserved
87			C-47		preserved

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