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Nancy 2007

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Date: 30 June/1 July 2007

Made by: Scramble, Alan Macey, Andreas Schoen, Rene Liebe, Oliver Schmid


44+26 			Tornado IDS 		JBG33
4122 			C-27J 			354mira
909 			TA-4SU 			150sq/SingapAF
939 			A-4SU 			150sq/SingapAF
ZG472/62A 		Harrier GR7A 		1sq
ZA592/059 		Tornado GR4 		13sq
ZE810/GG 		Tornado F3 		43sq
84-0084 		C-21A 			76th AS
E144/7-PJ 		Alpha Jet E 		EC01.007
627/33-NT 		Mirage F1CR 		ER02.033
57/2-ET 		Mirage2000-5F 		EC01.002
342/4-BA 		Mirage 2000N 		EC02.004
605/3-XD 		Mirage 2000D 		EC03.003
647/3-IO 		Mirage 2000D 		EC01.003
660/3-JF 		Mirage 2000D 		EC02.003
317/7-HO 		Rafale B 		EC01.007
19 			Sup Etendard 		11F

Maintenance hangar behind static:
613/3-XG, 680/3-XM 	Mirage 2000D 		EC03.003
617/3-IS, 644/3-IU 	Mirage 2000D 		EC01.003
618/3-JW 		Mirage 2000D 		EC02.003
650/3-IA 		Mirage 2000D 		EC01.003
671 			Mirage 2000D 		nn

Hangar display behind flightline:
627/3-JP 		Mirage 2000D 		EC02.003

4146/CXC 		SA342M 			1RHC
90/F-SEXG/0 		TB-30 			EPAA00.315
101/F-SEXR/1 		TB-30 			EPAA00.315
102/F-SEXS/2 		TB-30 			EPAA00.315
141/F-SEZF/4 		TB-30 			EPAA00.315

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E135/F-TERX/1   E158/F-TERF/2    E75/F-TERW/3
E41/F-TERA/4    E130/F-TERP/6    E165/F-TERE/7
E163/F-TERB/8   E162/F-TERJ/9    E31/F-TERK/0

Team Breitling with the following L-39Cs:

And the Extra 300s of the Royal Jordanian Falcons:

Parking behind flightline:
E101/314-TT 		Alpha Jet E 		EAC00.314
634 			Mirage 2000D 		nn
2118/JCV 		AS350BA 		Gendarmerie

Far side/flying:
R214/64-GN 		C-160R 			ET00.064 early am
610/3-XX, 629/3-XO 	Mirage 2000D 		EC03.003
649/3-XY, 659/3-XR 	Mirage 2000D 		EC03.003

Shelter area:
E67/314-TB 		Alpha Jet E 		EAC00.314
R96/61-ZN 		C-160R 			ET00.061
36/5-OC +1 		Mirage 2000C 		EC02.005
614/3-JU 		Mirage 2000D 		EC02.003

Playing field:
5382/UV 		AS555AN 		CIEH00.341

498/3-EC 		Mirage 3E 		pres near tower
F-AZAU 			T-6G 			ex 115113
F-AZFJ 			LET C11 		ex Egypt
F-AZIM 			Yak-3UTI 		nn
F-AZMJ 			Fw44J 			ex Finland SZ-15
F-AZOH 			MS733 			ex 63/TB
F-AZSB "411622/G4-C" 	P-51D 			ex Canada 9592
F-AZTK 			Klemm KL35D 		ex Sweden 5020
F-AZYS "133704" 	F4U-5NL 		ex Bu124541
F-BCNL 			MS317 			ex 6527
F-BDHC 			SV-4A 			ex 1125
F-GGCN 			MH1521M 		ex 6
HB-RCF 			MS406 			ex Swiss J-143
LX-LWK 			PT-17 			ex 40-1766

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