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Nancy-Ochey 1994

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Date: 25 September 1994

Made by:

Updated: 2 January 2011

FA125                 F-16A        1sm
MT14                  CM170R       33sm  special c/s
E-194                 F-16A        Esk730
ET-206                F-16B        Esk730
4456                  Tornado IDS  JBG34
2336/AIG              AS532M       4RHCMS
3615/BXE              SA342M       3RHC
1077/BWT              SA341F1      3RHC
E67/8-MR              Alpha Jet E  ET2/8
11/YA                 CAP10B       GI312
21/CE                 CAP231       GI312
216/3-KC, 419/3-KA    CM170R       SALE EC3
E37/7-PP              Jaguar E     EC2/7
15/33-FD              Mirage F1C   EC3/33
498/3-XE              Mirage 3E    ex EC3/3 (wfu)
513/2-FJ              Mirage 2000B EC2/2
603/3-IC, 615/3-IK    Mirage 2000D EC1/3
617/3-XA              Mirage 2000D EC3/3
350/3-JR, 353/3-JS    Mirage 2000N EC2/3
373/3-JV              Mirage 2000N EC2/3
61                    S. Etendard  11F
ZD378/A               Harrier GR7  20(r)sq
ZD410/C               Harrier GR7  20(r)sq
XX283/CD              Hawk T1A     100sq
XX485/CU-567          Jetstream T2 750sq
ZA404/W               Tornado GR1A 2sq
ZD996/I               Tornado GR1A 2sq
91-0333/LN,91-0602/LN F-15E        494th FS
68-10935              C-130E       37th ALS
A-399                 Alouette 3   GPH
105/0/F-SEXV          TB30         GE315 special c/s
248/F-AZHP            Vautour 2N   civil
F-AZOO/DU-J           Vampire FB6  ex J-1127
F-BGUZ                MS317-ED2    '306'
F-AZJJ                P-51D        '474832/GA-E'

Helicopter field:
5391/67-VA,5523/67-WF AS555AN      EH2/67
1152/JCM              AS350B       Gendarmerie

../8-MO               Alpha Jet    ET2/8
13/AL                 Mirage 4P    EB1/91
601/3-IA, 614/3-IJ    Mirage 2000D EC1/3
616/3-IL, 618/3-IG    Mirage 2000D EC1/3
355/3-JD, 358/3-JG    Mirage 2000N EC2/3  desert c/s
367/3-JP              Mirage 2000N EC2/3  desert c/s
362/3-JK              Mirage 2000N EC2/3
185                   Mystère 4A   gate guard
F205/64-GE            C-160NG      ET64
F224/64-GX            C-160NG      nn
353/3-JS              Mirage 2000N EC2/3

Inside hangar:
604/3-ID              Mirage 2000D EC1/3
354/3-JC              Mirage 2000N EC2/3
363/3-IC              Mirage 2000N EC1/3  desert c/s
374/4-BT              Mirage 2000N EC2/4
571/3-XB              Mirage 3E    ex EC3/3 (wfu)
608                   Mirage 3E    ex EC./. (wfu)

Between shelters:
F-AZOP                Vampire FB6  '192/DU-M'
62                    S. Etendard  11F
E12/7-PR (+1)         Jaguar E     EC2/7
64/33-FC              Mirage F1C   ER3/33
221/33-FD             Mirage F1C-200 ER3/33
512                   Mirage 3E    tail only (w/o 1 June 1988)
12/2-FS               Mirage 2000C EC2/2
92/1/F-SEXI           TB30         GI315 special c/s
100/2/F-SEXQ          TB30         GI315 special c/s
117/3/F-SEYH          TB30         GI315 special c/s
F-GMEA/1, F-GMED/2    PC-7         Team Ecco
F-GMEC/3, F-GMEB/4    PC-7         Team Ecco

Hunter F58 of Patrouille de Suisse: J-4020, J-4021,
J-4022, J-4025, J-4029, J-4030, J-4031

Alpha Jets of Patrouille de France:
E97/0/ F-TERL, E23/1/ F-TERO, E121/2/F-TERK,
E125/3/F-TERH, E89/4/ F-TERE, E132/5/F-TERN,
E140/6/F-TERD, E126/7/F-TERA, E106/8/F-TERJ,
E72/9/ F-TERG, E105/-/F-TERF.

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