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Nimes-Garons 2002

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Date: 7 July 2002

Made by: Sandy Benzies, Paul Coppin, Andy Marden


XZ440/R-127	Sea Harrier F/A2	800sq
ZD579/R-128	Sea Harrier F/A2	800sq
3/5-OR	        Mirage 2000C	        EC02.005        
19/5-OB		Mirage 2000C		EC02.005
324/4-CX	Mirage 2000N		EC03.004
49, 59		Br1050 Alize		wfu
811	        Lynx HAS4(FN)           34F        
519		AS565MA			36F	
51		Super Etendard		17F
5611/AYK	AS555UN			nn
4166/AXH	SA342 Gazelle		nn
ES-YLF	        L-39C Albatros	                
ES-YLI	        L-39C Albatros 	                
F-AZDQ	        Douglas AD-4 Skyraider	"126956"
F-AZGB		T-6D Harvard IV		"521475" ex RCAF 20384
F-AZHJ	        DH100 Vampire FB.5	"57.S.9" ex Swiss J-1159
F-AZHS	        Hunter F.58		"J-2002" ex Swiss J-4095
F-AZPF	        CM175 Zephyr		"28"            
F-AZSB	        P-51D Mustang	        "411622" ex 44-74427
F-AZYS	        F4U-7 Corsair		"133704" ex 124541
F-AZYT		T-6G Texan		"41-32360"
F-BRPQ	        Cessna T337D		(337-0995)      
F-BXXR		Mudry CAP 10B		(32)          
F-GPAB	        Falcon 20F		(254)           
F-ZBCG	        Reims/Cessna F406	Securite Civile (0066)
F-ZBFN/33	Canadair CL415 		Securite Civile (2006)  
F-ZBPB	        Eurocopter EC145	Securite Civile (9006)  
RA-01909	L-39C Albatros

Other aircraft outside:
XV226	        Nimrod MR2	        Kinloss Wing
12		Atlantic NG	        21F
28	        Atlantic NG	        21F
36	        Falcon 50		24F (36)          
45	        Nord 262E		56S (45)          
F-GEFH	        Cessna F172M		(1258)        
F-GGDH	        SE313B Alouette II	ex 1103
F-GHTU	        SE313B Alouette II	ex 1429
F-GJZK	        Robin DR400/180		(2000)        
F-GTZJ	        Robin DR500/200i	(25)  
F-GUCG	        SE313B Alouette II	ex 1506

477/312-JU	EMB312F Tucano		GI00.312
5		Atlantic NG	        21F
20	        Atlantic NG	        21F
1419/AZM	SA330B Puma		EAALAT (number on door!)
F-AZJB		Yak-11			(25111-03) ex Egypt AF
F-AZKJ	        Bulldog	T1		ex XX555/U
F-AZPI	        CM175 Zephyr	        ex 5
F-AZPY		Yak-18A			"18" ex EgyptAF EAF-710
F-AZVM		N2501 Noratlas		ex 105/62-SI
F-BIPP		Navion 4		(277)
F-GDFP	        Cessna T303		(T30300127)
F-GGMY		PA28-181		28-7990375
F-GHGB		MH1521C1 Broussard	ex 256
F-GHXI		PA22-150 Tri-Pacer	22-4476
RA-44541	Yak-50	
RA-44551	Yak-52	

Near hangars:
50, 52, 53	Br1050 Alize		wfu
55, 56		Br1050 Alize		wfu

North end of airfield:
5		Br1050 Alize		preserved
24, 26, 30, 31  Br1050 Alize	       	wfu
41, 43, 51, 64 Br1050 Alize	        wfu
65, 76 		Br1050 Alize	        wfu
04	        Atlantic 		wfu
25	        Atlantic		wfu
31	        Atlantic		preserved
51	        Atlantic		wfu
02	        Atlantic NG		wfu
87	        Dakota	        	preserved (also as 31)
61	        Nord 262E		wfu
65	        Nord 262E		wfu
104	        Nord 262E		wfu
Plus several other unidentified Alizes

8, 9, 21, 23	Atlantic NG		21F
52, 53, 63, 69	Nord 262E		56S
70, 71, 72, 73	Nord 262E		56S
100		Nord 262E		56S?
144		SA321G Super Frelon    	35F
C01		Rafale C		AMD
F-AZPF		CM175 Zephyr		ex 28

Civil terminal area:
EI-CNR		Douglas MD83		(53199)
F-GLYS	        Douglas DC10-30		(46872)
F-GTDF	        Douglas DC10-30		(46854)
F-GTDG	        Douglas DC10-30		(46997)
Plus one DC10

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