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Orléans-Bricy 2002

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Date: 2 June 2002

Made by: Scramble,


E-183			F-16A		Esk727           
ET-199		        F-16BM		Esk726           
50+17		        C-160D		LTG63            
J-369		        F-16BM		315sq            
E48/8-MH	        Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008
5151/61-PH	        C-130H-30	ET02.061 
R18/61-MM, R54/61-MZ	C-160R		ET01.061
111/YQ			EMB121AA	EAT00.319
488/312-UG		EMB312F		DV05.312
201/36-CA		E-3F		EDCA00.036
247/30-QP, 275/30-QM	Mirage F1CT	EC02.030
57/2-ET			Mirage2000-5F	EC01.002
158/315-ZS	        TB30		EPAA00.315      
1330/AO		        SA330B		EH01.067        
5427/VJ		        AS355N		CIEH00.341?     
10		        ATL2		21F             
464?		        CM170		pres, PdF c/s   

Hangars near static:
4589/61-PN		C-130H		ET02.061
R95/61-ZM		C-160R		ET03.061

R5			C-160R		nn

AT24, AT26		Alpha Jet E	11sm       
45+96		        Tornado IDS	JBG31      
024/CNA-MB	        CN235M-100	3sq/MorocAF
T.19B-07/35-25	        CN235EA02	Ala 35     
C.15-45/12-03	        EF-18A+		Ala 12             
C.15-56/12-14	        EF-18A+		Ala 12             
00-0185			C-17A	        62nd AW                    
E125/314-LG	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314  
E53/314-TC	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314  
A148/7-HN	        Jaguar A	EC01.007   
E30/7-HW, E37/7-HZ	Jaguar E	EC01.007
24/33-FD, 77/33-FR	Mirage F1C	EC03.033
520/33-FJ		Mirage F1B	EC03.033
4/5-OK, 19/5-OB		Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
344/4-AJ		Mirage 2000N	EC01.004
353/4-BD, 359/4-BG	Mirage 2000N	EC02.004
F-AZES			MD312		ex 226/319-CG
F-AZOO			Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1127
F-AZOP			Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1192
F-AZVM			N2501F		ex 105/62-SJ
F-BMMY			MS733		ex 128
ES-YLF, ES-YLI		L-39		nn
RA-01909		L-39C		ex KirgAF/136 wh

The "Patrouille de France" with the following Alpha Jets:
E120/1,	E135/2,	E41/3,	E128/4,	E122/5,	E75/6,	E169/7,
E117/8,	E158/9,	E160/0

And "Green March" with Cap231*/Cap232s:
23/CN-ABN*, 24/CN-ABO*, 28/CNA-BP, 29/CN-ABQ, 31/CN-ABR
36/CN-ABS,  37/CN-ABT

Far side West:
R3/61-MC		C-160R		ET01.061
R12/61-MG		C-160R	        ET01.061
R44/61-MP		C-160R	        ET01.061
R94/61-ZL, R96/61-ZN	C-160R	        ET03.061
R99/61-ZQ, R158/61-ZX	C-160R	        ET03.061
R211/64-GK		C-160R	        ET00.064
5142/61-PE, 5144/61-PF	C-130H-30	ET02.061
5153/61-PJ, 5226/61-PK	C-130H-30	ET02.061

Far side East:
R1/61-MA		C-160R		ET01.061
R5/61-ME	        C-160R	        ET01.061
R11/61-MF	        C-160R	        ET01.061
R17/61-ML	        C-160R	        ET01.061
R48/61-MT	        C-160R	        ET01.061
R55/61-ZC	        C-160R	        ET03.061
R87/61-ZE	        C-160R	        ET03.061
R90/61-ZH	        C-160R	        ET03.061
F217/64-GQ	        C-160NG	        ET00.064
4588/61-PM	        C-130H	        ET02.061
5116/61-PB	        C-130H	        ET02.061

1575/JCS		AS350B		Gendarmerie
85-0060, 85-0081	B-1B		127th BS KS ANG
The Bones did a flyby on Sunday around 15.40 hrs and came
from Evreux.

29/61-QP		N2501F		preserved

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