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Orléans-Bricy 2006

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Date: 10 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Eric van Lisdonk, Mark de Greeuw, Jorg van der Schans, Egbert Marisael


43+20			Tornado IDS	JBG31
J-061	                F-16AM		312sq        
J-515	                F-16AM		nmks         
L-03	                PC-7		131EMVOsqn   
XX119/EB, XX723/EU	Jaguar GR3A	6sq
XX724/EC		Jaguar GR3A	6sq
ZD849			Tornado GR4	nmks
84-0082			C-21A		76th AS          
63-7887/RS		C-130E	        37th AS          
J-3081, J-3082	        F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse
J-3084, J-3085	        F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse
J-3086, J-3087	        F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse
J-3088			F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse        
J-5006, J-5012	        F/A-18C		nmks             
E42/314-TA	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
E102/314-LM	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
5142/61-PE, 5153/61-PJ	C-130H-30	ET02.061
R42/61-MN		C-160R		ET01.061
R94/61-ZL		C-160R		ET03.061
504/30-ST		Mirage F1B	EC01.030
622/33-NH, 628/33-NB	Mirage F1CR	ER02.033
636/33-NL, 658/33-NQ	Mirage F1CR	ER02.033
661/33-NK		Mirage F1CR	ER02.033
5/5-NI, 13/5-NM		Mirage 2000C	EC01.005
17/5-OZ			Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
330/4-AT		Mirage 2000N	EC01.004
103/330-EG		Rafale C	EC05.330
101/1, 102/2		TB-30		EPAA00.315
104/3, 141/4		TB-30		EPAA00.315
74			EMB121AN	(28F)
29/61-QP		N2501F		preserved
F-AZVM			N2501F		ex 105/62-SI
SP-TWL			An-2		nn

1575/JCS		AS350BA		Gendarmerie
5440/VN			AS555AN		nn
5116/61-PB, 5119/61-PC	C-130H		ET02.061
5140/61-PD		C-130H-30	ET02.061
F49/59-MU		C-160F		CEV       
R2/61-MB, R43/61-MO	C-160R	        ET01.061  
R54/61-MZ		C-160R	        ET01.061  
R86/61-ZD, R90/61-ZH	C-160R	        ET03.061  
R158/61-ZX		C-160R	        ET03.061  
4184/ABF		SA342M	        EHADT     
111/XM			TBM-700	        ETEC00.065

Storage area other side runway:
R13/61-MH, R17/61-ML	C-160R		stored
R44/61-MP, R45/61-MQ	C-160R		stored
R46/61-MR		C-160R		stored

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