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Pau 2003

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Date: 24/25 May 2003

Made by: Scramble, Graham Tanner, Alan Macey


86+15			Bo105P1		HFR16       
HU.10-16/ET-253	        UH-1H		BHELMA III  
HT.17-17/ET-417	        CH-47D		BHELTRA V   
0836		        Mi-17		334VrRojSOR 
891/MCE		        PC-6/B2-H2	ERGM
1200/F-ZWTY	        SA330B		CGTM        
6005/F-ZWTM	        SA365MTR	CGTM
F-ZBPC			EC145	        Sécurité Civile     

3/5-OR, 37/5-OO		Mirage 2000C	EC02.005       
F-AZEC		        Aero 3		ex Yugo '40165'        
F-AZIK		        Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1191
F-AZOP		        Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1192
F-AZVM		        N2501F		ex '105/62-SI'         
F-AZYS		        F4U-7		ex France '133704'     

Hangar (closed):
1507/BRN, 1663/BRC	SA330B		5RHC
5682/BRM		IAR330L		5RHC

Hangar (closed):
1037/BJN		SA330B		DAOS
1617/BRE		SA330B		5RHC

Hangar (closed):
2266/BJI		AS532UL		DAOS
1190/BGH		SA341F		i/a
3848/BMA		SA342M		DAOS
3859/BPK		SA342M		5RHC
4225/BMH		SA342L1		DAOS

Hangar (closed):
4224/BQM		SA342L1		5RHC

1784/BBP		Alouette 2	preserved
24585/CUW		O-1E		preserved
A39			Jaguar A	nose only
The Jaguar nose was identified by the construction number label.

1244/BRO		SA330B		5RHC

1013/BRS, 1121/BRU	SA330B		5RHC

1192/BRA		SA330B		5RHC

1194/BQW		SA341F		5RHC

3911/BPT		SA342M		5RHC

3992/BOG		SA342M		5RHC
On Saturday, this Gazelle was on the platform.

1255/BJF		SA330B		DAOS
1263/BRJ		SA330B		5RHC

87+83			Bo105P1		HFR16      
0834			Mi-24V	        33LtBVr    
162			SA321G	        32F        
1006/BRV, 1066/BRW	SA330B	        5HRC       
1075/BRY, 1094/BRG	SA330B	        5RHC       
1217/BRO		SA330B	        5RHC       
4219/BQU, 4226/BQS	SA324L1	        5RHC       
4227/BQT		SA342L1	        5RHC       
1691/JCF		AS350	        Gendarmerie
F-ZWTJ			NH90	        NHI        
Puma 1075 was logged with three different codes: BRI, BRT and BRY.
Which one is correct?

Ramp South of flightlines:
1519/BRF		SA330B		5RHC
1416/BQR		SA341F	        5RHC
3861/BPR, 3862/BPN	SA342M	        5RHC
3921/B.M		SA342M	        5RHC
4162/BPL		SA342M	        5RHC
4019/BPP		SA342M	        5RHC
4223/BQO, 4233/BQP	SA342L1	        5RHC
This platform was located in an area South of the flightlines, together
with six big hangars. Also an additional Gazelle with code BOD or BQD was
seen here.

E67, E76		Alpha Jet E	nn
132			Da50SURMAR	24F
160/ABV			TBM700		EAAT
J-016			F-16AM		323sq	spec mks
J-063			F-16AM		322sq	spec mks
ES-YLF, ES-YLP		L-39C		Apache Jet Team
ES-YLR, ES-YLS		L-39C		Apache Jet Team

4135/BOL		SA342M		5RHC
5386/F-ZBFU		Alouette 3	Sécurité Civile
F-AZEL			MD312		wfu, ex 177

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