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Pau 2009

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Date: 6-7 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


001/AE 			SE3160 		Dax Museum
FR14/ATN 		SO1221S 	Dax Museum
525/118-AM 		Mirage 2000B 	ECE05.330
109/113-IM 		Rafale C 	EC01.091
2018/BHE, 2019/BHF 	Tigre HAP 	5RHC
2024/BHO, 2025/BHQ 	Tigre HAP 	5RHC
2638/BJR 		EC725AP 	DOAS
1123/BRC, 1244/BRI 	SA330Ba 	5RHC
1179/BRK, 1037/BRP 	SA330Ba 	5RHC
1222/BRM 		SA330Ba 	5RHC desert c/s
1232/BRW 		SA330Ba 	5RHC
887/MCA 		PC-6/B2-H2 	ETCM
355 			AS565SA 	36F
22 			Rafale M 	12F
F-ZBPN 			EC145 		SecCiv

1027 			SA341F 		stored
1190/DRM 		SA341F 		stored
(1373)/FTH 		SA341F 		preserved
Both stored Gazelles mentioned here, could be found at the
far west side next to the last hangar. The preserved example
could be found behind the flight line hangars, at the east side
of the base.

Main gate:
(2285) 			SA318C 		preserved
(1582) 			SE3160 		preserved
(1270)/DAC 		SA341F 		preserved
The SE3160 also used to be coded, but over time this has almost
completely disappeared, and only parts of it were still visible.

Various hangars (open for public):
1383/BQX 		SA341F 		5RHC desert c/s 
1231/BRU                SA330Ba 	5RHC desert c/s
2324/BJJ                AS532UL 	DOAS           
2631/BJP                EC725AP 	DOAS           

Various hangars (closed for public):
2009/BHB 		Tigre HAP 	5RHC
2015/(BHD) 		Tigre HAP 	5RHC
2027 			Tigre HAP 	5RHC
2628/BJN 		EC725AP 	DOAS
____/BJL 		AS532UL         DOAS
____/BRB, ____/BRE 	SA330Ba         5RHC
1186/BRL 		SA330Ba         5RHC
____/BRO, ____/BRT 	SA330Ba         5RHC
1463/BME, 1487/BMG      SA341F 		DOAS 
4191/BMB, 4175/BMD      SA342M 		DOAS 
4164/BMJ, 4141/BMN      SA342M 		DOAS 
4229/BMF, 4219/BMK      SA342L1 	DOAS
4109/BPK, 4162/BPP      SA342M 		5RHC 
(4172)/BPS 		SA342M 		5RHC
The three Tigres were inside the last hangar on the east side
of the static. The Gazelles with codes BPK, BPP and BPS
were inside hangars next to the static line. All six were easily
visible through the windows. All other helicopters mentioned
here, could only be seen if one was able to obtain access to
the flightline. They were all parked inside the three hangars
on the east side of the tarmac. Some of them did move during
the airshow weekend. EC725AP, 2628/BJN flew on Saturday
morning, and was moved in the far side dome hangar by 13:00
hours. SA330Ba, 1186/BRL made a round trip to Cazaux on
Saturday morning, later on this day it was moved inside one of
the hangars.

Flightline (east side):
E90/314-TH 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
099/YP 			EMB121AA 	EAT00.319
2010/BHA 		Tigre HAP 	5RHC         
2013/BHC                Tigre HAP 	5RHC         
2023/BHP                Tigre HAP 	5RHC         
1130/BRS                SA330Ba 	5RHC           
1654/BRN                SA330Ba 	5RHC desert c/s
1416/BQR                SA341F 		5RHC            
1718/BQV                SA341F 		5RHC            
3947/BPL                SA324M 		5RHC            
3848/BPM                SA342M 		5RHC            
3856/BPO                SA342M 		5RHC            
F-ZBEY/T07 		S-2 Firecat 	SecCiv
Early on Saturday Tigre 2013/BHC left for Cazaux, it returned
again on Sunday.

Flightline (west side):
1243/BRD 		SA330Ba 	5RHC
4142/BOA                SA342M 		5RHC 
4079/BOF                SA342M          5RHC
4026/BOI                SA342M          5RHC
4186/BPQ                SA342M          5RHC
4160/BPU                SA342M          5RHC

Flying only:
FA134 			F-16AM 		nb (10 Wing)
A large portion of the warbirds present, moved from the static
to the flightline, and back again. We therefore will present them
all under this header, rather then attempt to list which aircraft
flew and which not.
D-EFAG 			Pa18-95 	ex 18-1543
D-HDTM 			Bo105S 		Red Bull
ES-ULX/1 		L-39C 		Team Breitling
ES-YLS/2                L-39C           Team Breitling
ES-TLG/3                L-39C           Team Breitling
ES-ULI/4                L-39C           Team Breitling
ES-TLF/5                L-39C           Team Breitling
ES-YLF/6                L-39C           Team Breitling
ES-YLP/7                L-39C           Team Breitling
F-AZBE 			T-6G 		as "43-12127/TA-127"      
F-AZDP                  AD-4NA 		as "124143/RM-205"      
F-AZDX                  B-17G 		as 44-8846/"DS-M"        
F-AZEJ                  Beech E18S 	as "22429/V"        
F-AZHD                  T-6G 		as F-6F, "79413/7"        
F-AZJS                  Spitfire PR.XIX as PS890/"JM-E"
F-AZJU                  CASA 352L 	as "AZ+JU"           
F-AZKU                  P-40N 		as 42-105912/"12"        
F-AZLT                  MS760 		as 32                    
F-AZMA                  N3202 		as 65                    
F-AZMP                  T-6G 		as "493856/X-56"          
F-AZNN                  Yak-11 		as "14" white           
F-AZSB                  P-51D 		as "411622/G4-C"         
F-AZXL                  Fury FB10 	as "369"             
F-AZTE                  C-47A 		ex 141406, ex 42-23310   
F-AZUU                  Chipmunk T10 	ex WP851          
F-AZZU                  B-25J 		as 45-8811/"SU"          
F-GGKL                  MH1521M 	as 255/5-ML            
F-GGKS                  MH1521M 	ex 23                  
F-GIJJ                  SE313B 		ex 1019                 
F-GLXD                  SA315B 		ex 5V-MBF               
F-GPAU                  Cap231 		ex 22                   
G-ANEL                  Tiger Moth II 	ex N9238         
G-FGID                  FG-1D 		as "KD345/A-130"         
G-PBYA                  PBY-5A 		as "433915"             
N996DM                  DC-6B		ex V5-NCF (Zamb.AF)      

Civil side (Pau-Pyrénées):
177/F-AZEL 		MD312 		stored
1144 			SA316B 		stored
(A-407) 		SE3160S 	stored (no tail boom)
(51-15313) 		L-18C 		F-GIRJ
Outside the local Turbomeca a, partially covered, SA365 was
seen in dark green colours. It is believed that this is F-ZWTM
(SA365MTR, c/n 6005), but confirmation is required.
The air show at Pau provided a good opportunity to log some
new Tigre and EC725 Armeé de Terre helicopters. The atmosphere
at the event was very relaxed, with most hangars at the
static side open for the public. A bit unusual for an ALAT air
show, but still very welcome, were three jet fighters on display
at the static show. Also present was a wide assortment of warbirds.
An interesting item amongst these planes was the former
Moroccan CAP231. The plane was still painted in the famous
red colours, of the display team Marche Verte (Green March).
Also present, but not mentioned in our list, was Harvard replica

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