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Pau-Pyrénés 2006

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Date: 18 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Gijs ten Velde, Mark de Greeuw


86+75			Bo105P1		KHR36
E90/330-AI		Alpha Jet E	EC05.330
2299/BJF		AS532UL		DAOS
2003/ATC		Tigre HAP	EFA
2631/BJP, 2638/BJR	EC725		DAOS
265			LynxHAS2(FN)	31F
654/330-AF		Mirage F1CR	EC05.330
70/330-AD	        Mirage2000-5F	EC05.330
665/330-AE	        Mirage 2000D	EC05.330
304/330-EB	        Rafale B	EC05.330
1186/BRL	        SA330Ba		5RHC            
1416/BQR	        SA341F		5RHC            
4175/BPK	        SA342M		5RHC            
4212/BQM, 4213/BQN	SA342L1		5RHC
891/MCE			PC-6/B2-H4	ECTM
1582/EHAP		SA3160		preserved      
2285/BBE	        SA318C		preserved      
6005/F-ZWTM	        SA365MTR	CGTM   
002/F-ZWRA	        SA340		Toulouse museum

Grass field:
1192/BRA		SA330Ba		5RHC
4109/BPP, 4168/BPQ	SA342M		5RHC
4192/BOH		SA342M		3RHC
F-GIYE, F-GYJL		SA316Ba		private

Hangar 10 (open):
1190			SA341F		pres

Hangar 12 (closed):	
3476/BMI		SA342M		DAOS
4224/BQS		SA342L1		5RHC

Hangar 13 (open):
1020/BRT, 1228/BRU	SA330Ba		5 RHC

Hangar 15 (closed):
1069/BRC, 1128/BRX	SA330Ba		5RHC
1179/BRK		SA330Ba		5RHC

New Hangar A (closed):
1156/BJD		SA330Ba		DAOS

New Hangar B (open):
2002/ATB, 2004/ATE	Tigre HAP	EFA
..../BTS		SA341L1		pres

DAOS ramp:
1243/BRD, 1244/BRO	SA330Ba		5RHC  
1255/BRF, 1263/BRJ	SA330Ba	        5RHC  
1194/BQW, 1718/BQV	SA341F	        5RHC  
3547/ATY		SA342M	        EAALAT
3848/BPM, 3849/BPR	SA342M	        5RHC  
3856/BPO		SA342M	        EAALAT
3867/BOE, 4026/BOI	SA342M	        5RHC  
4215/BQO, 4220/BQQ	SA342L1	        5RHC  

DAOS Hangar 1 (closed):
3x			EC725		nn

DAOS Hangar 2 (open but not for public):
2266/BJI, 2300/BJE	AS532UL		DAOS
1055/BRS, 1232/BRW	SA330Ba	        5RHC
1277/BJB, ..../BJL	SA330Ba	        DAOS

DAOS Hangar 3 (closed):
1027, 1326		SA341F		nmks
1487/BMG		SA341F	        DAOS
3850/BOA, 4079/BOF	SA342M	        5RHC
4124/BMC, 4172/BMD	SA342M	        DAOS
4140/CXA		SA342M	        1RHC
4234/BMF		SA342L1	        DAOS

CE02			ERJ135LR	21sm	civil side
1270/VDO		SA341F		pres gate

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