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Phalsbourg 1995

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Date: 1/2 July 1995

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 1 August 2002

H37                   A109BA       17sm
8641, 8730            Bo105P       HFR16
E11/7-PE              Jaguar E     EC02.007
228/13-SN             Mirage F1CT  EC03.013
31                    Br1050       4F
1228/CZT              SA330BA      1RHC
1403/CWB, 1593/CYL    SA341F       1RHC
1544/BOU              SA341F       5RHC
3529/CXO, 3547/CXF    SA342M       1RHC
4201/CYE              SA342M       1RHC
2300/AIJ, 2331/AIE    AS532UN      4RHCM
5541/AYI              AS555UN      EAALAT
95/FM-UMA             HM1000       516RT
82-23673              UH-60A       5/159th AVN
88-0203               AH-64A       6/6th CAV
F-AZFK                Yak-52       "54"yellow

Hangar 1:
1706/CWC              SA341F       1RHC
4217/CWK              SA342M       1RHC

Hangar 2:
1522/CYN              SA341F       1RHC
4206/CYP              SA342M       1RHC

Hangar 3:
2126/BTB              SE3180S      1GHL
1693/AVB              Alouette 3   ELFFA
F-AZGS                Harvard      "493432"
F-BIFB                L-19         ex 24582
F-BGKX                MS317        c/n 264

Hangar 4:
4205/CWP              SA342M       1RHC

Hangar (between 4 and 5):
1512/CZL              SA330BA      1RHC
3862/CXH              SA342M       1RHC
4079/CXI              SA342M       1RHC
4213/CWQ              SA342M       1RHC

Hangar 6:
3617/CYA, 3948/CYI    SA342M       1RHC
3869/CYF, 4114/CYH    SA342M       1RHC

Hangar 7:
3567/CYB, 3855/CYC    SA342M       1RHC
4023/CYJ              SA342M       1RHC

Hangar 8:
3548/CXM, 3920/CXN    SA342M       1RHC
4019/CXQ, 4159/CXK    SA342M       1RHC
4180/CXP              SA342M       1RHC

Hangar 9:
3850/CXL, 3867/CXC    SA342M       1RHC
4071/CXS              SA342M       1RHC

Hangar 10:
3849/CXD, 3858/CXE    SA342M       1RHC
4083/CXJ, 4166/CXA    SA342M       1RHC

Remain of static:
891/MCE               PC6/B2-H2    1GSALAT
4207/CYO, 4208/CWV    SA342M       1RHC
4209/CWE              SA341F       1RHC
2301/AIH              AS532UN      4RHCM
F-GDCM                SE3130       GMF
F-GCQQ                AS350        GMF/Poste

Hangar carpark left:
2272/AIK, 2323/AIO    AS532UN      4RHCM
2252/AIN, 2266/AIW    AS532UN      4RHCM

Hangar carpark middle:
1252/ARC/70           SA330BA      4RHCM    (UN c/s)
1036/ARB, 1252/ARC    SA330BA      4RHCM
1206/ARD, 1229/ARL    SA330BA      4RHCM

Hangar carpark right:
1247/ARF/66           SA330BA      4RHCM
1180/AWY, 1229/AWE    SA341F       EAALAT
1430/AWP, 1482/AWN    SA341F       EAALAT
1693/AWJ              SA341F       EAALAT
1149/CWM, 1519/CWO    SA341F       1RHC
1689/CWU              SA341F       1RHC
4211/CWX              SA342M       1RHC
2282/AIS, 2290/AIF    AS532UL      4RHCM
2293/AIT, 2299/AIU    AS532UL      4RHCM
2325/AIA              AS532UL      4RHCM

H19                   A109BA       17sm
E21/P, E23/7-PB       Jaguar E     EC02.007
1055/CZU, 1092/CZQ    SA330BA      1RHC
1173/CZP, 1211/CZS    SA330BA      1RHC
2273/AIR, 2285/AIC    AS532UL      4RHCM
1088/CWG, 1090/CYN    SA341F       1RHC
1373/AWT              SA341F       EAALAT
1646/CWA              SA341F       1RHC
4120/CYG, 4210/CWN    SA342M       1RHC
F-BOHP                MH1521M      c/n 10

Hangar 1 farside:
1171/ARJ, 1519/ARG    SA330BA      4RHCM
4078/CXT, 4190/CXB    SA342M       1RHC

Hangar 2 farside:
2303/BST              AS532UL      GAMSTAT
2316/AIV              AS532UL      4RHCM

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