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Phalsbourg 1997

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Date: 8 June 1997

Made by: Scramble


H28                   A109HA       18BnHATk
8502                  CH-53G       HFR35
8795                  Bo105P       HFR26
E7/7-PL               Jaguar E     EC02.007
888/MCB               PC-6/B2-H4   ERGM
1512/CZL              SA330Ba      6EHM/1RHC
1548/BJF              SA316B       6GHL
1689/CWF              SA341F       2EHAP/1RHC
2327/AIP              AS532UL      5EHM/4RHCM   	inside tent
2446/AIZ              AS532UL      3EHM/4RHCM
3617/CYA              SA342M       5EHAC/1RHC
3866/CXG              SA342M       3EHAC/1RHC
4198/BXI              SA342M       3EHAC/3RHC
5539/AYH              AS555UN      6EHM/EAALAT
1952/JCM              AS350B       Gendarmerie
96/FM-UMB             HM1000       516 Reg.du Train
F-AZSM                Chipmunk T10 'WP914'
F-BDMI                SV-4A
F-BOHP                MH1521C-1    ex France 10
F-GCVD                Robin DR.400
F-GDCH                PA-28-161
F-GFCX                L-19E        '16744/RCAF-744'
F-GJRC                Piper J-3C-65
F-GKVS                SOCATA TB-9
F-ZBDE/1630           SA316B       Sec.Civ.
N6365T                Beech C45
In the early morning Super Puma 2446 was in parked inside
hangar EHM5 E (one of the hangars near the parking lot).

Hangar (static, open):
1130/CZV              SA330Ba      6EHM/1RHC
3855/CYC              SA342M       5EHAC/1RHC

Hangar 2 (static, open):
1642/CWN              SA341F       EHR/1RHC
4219/CYM              SA342M       5EHA/1RHC

Hangar 8 (static, open):
3529/CXO              SA342M       4EHAC/1RHC

Grass area behind hangars static:
F-GDRQ, F-GIYG        AS350B

Hangar EHM2 (parking, closed):
1411/ARA, 1036/ARB    SA330Ba      2EHM/4RHCM
1069/ARC, 1075/ARD    SA330Ba      2EHM/4RHCM
1262/ARE              SA330Ba      2EHM/4RHCM

Hangar EHM3 B (parking, closed):
2331/AIE              AS532UL      3EHM/4RHCM

Hangar EHM3 C (parking, closed):
2443/AIG              AS532UL      3EHM/4RHCM

Hangar EHM5 F (parking, closed):
2318/AIL              AS532UL      5EHM/4RHCM

Hangar EHM5 G (parking, closed):
2267/AIQ              AS532UL      5EHM/4RHCM

Hangar 4RHCM (parking, closed):
2300/AIJ, 2272/AIK    AS532UL      3EHM/4RHCM
2299/AIU              AS532UL      5EHM/4RHCM
1121/ARK              SA330Ba      2EHM/4RHCM

In front of hangar 4RHCM (parking):
2324/AIB              AS532UL      3EHM/4RHCM
2266/AIW              AS532UL      5EHM/4RHCM

Hangar (southside, closed):
2303/BST              AS532UL      GAM/STAT
2316/AIV              AS532UL      5EHM/4RHCM
1575/CWO              SA341F       EHR/1RHC
3868/CWV              SA342M       EHR/1RHC
3869/CXB, 4023/CXJ    SA342M       3EHA/1RHC

Hangar (southside, closed):
..../AUF              SA330Ba      4EHM/4RHCM
1519/ARG              SA330Ba      2EHM/4RHCM	   white c/s
1403/CWB              SA341F       1EHAP/1RHC

Platforms southside:
2285/AIC, 2325/AIA    AS332M1      3EHM/4RHCM      *
1049/CZN, 1186/CZO    SA330Ba      6EHM/1RHC
1047/CZP, 1211/CZS/61 SA330Ba      6EHM/1RHC
1163/CZU/62           SA330Ba      6EHM/1RHC	   desert c/s
1215/CWE, 1088/CWG    SA341F       1EHAP/1RHC      *
1646/CWA, 1706/CWC    SA341F       1EHAP/1RHC
1252/CWD, 1232/CWH    SA341F       1EHAP/1RHC
1544/CWI              SA341F       1EHAP/1RHC
4188/CWQ, 4047/CWT    SA342M       EHR/1RHC        *
4144/CWP, 4158/CWS    SA342M       EHR/1RHC
3863/CWX              SA342M       EHR/1RHC
3617/CYA, 3567/CYB    SA342M       5EHA/1RHC
3920/CYD, 4201/CYE    SA342M       5EHA/1RHC
4161/CYF, 3948/CYI    SA342M       5EHA/1RHC
4205/CYQ, 4213/CYS    SA342M       2EHAP/1RHC      *
4217/CYN, 4207/CYO    SA342M       2EHAP/1RHC
4210/CYR, 4208/CYT    SA342M       2EHAP/1RHC
3849/CXD, 3862/CXH    SA342M       3EHA/1RHC
4079/CXI, 4083/CXJ    SA342M       3EHA/1RHC
3850/CXL              SA342M       4EHA/1RHC       *
4159/CXK, 4084/CXN    SA342M       4EHA/1RHC
4014/CXQ, 4108/CXS    SA342M       4EHA/1RHC
* = also flying

Platform southside:
E24/7-PH, E30/7-PK    Jaguar E     EC02.007

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