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Phalsbourg 2001

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Date: 24 June 2001

Made by: Chris Taylor, Richard Tregear

Updated: 2 January 2011

RS-01		Sea King Mk.48		40 Sm
8007		Bo-105M                 HFWS
8432		CH-53G			HFWS   
83-23854	UH-60A			Co A 5/158 Avn
83/315-WZ	TB-30			EPAA 00.315
100/F-SEXY	TB-30			EPAA 00.315
135/315-YZ	TB-30			EPAA 00.315
155/315-ZR	TB-30			EPAA 00.315
625		Lynx HAS.2(FN)		34 F
1952/JCM	AS-350B			FAG  bases at Metz
1259/CZF	SA-330Ba		1 RHC
1165/CZM	SA-330Ba		1 RHC
1215/CWE	SA-341F			1 RHC
4145/CWO	SA-342M			1 RHC
4042/CXD	SA-342M			1 RHC
3866/CXG        SA-342M			1 RHC
2325/AIA	AS-532UL		4 RHCM
2299/AIU	AS-532UL		4 RHCM
2430/CZZ	AS-532 Horizon		1 RHC  
5606/ABI	AS-555UN		EHADT,6 RHC
North flightline
885/MCA		PC-6
1036/CZB	SA-330Ba		1 RHC
1219/CZE	SA-330Ba		1 RHC
1512/CZL	SA-330Ba		1 RHC
1702/CWF	SA-341F			1 RHC
1232/CWH	SA-341F			1 RHC
1544/CWI	SA-341F			1 RHC
4188/CWQ	SA-342M			1 RHC
3653/CWV	SA-342M			1 RHC

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