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Phalsbourg 2005

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Date: 25 June 2005

Made by: Scrambl


A47			SA318C		Flight Liaison
H24	                A109BA		17sq MRH      
RS01	                Sea King Mk48	40sm  
82+62	                EC135T1		HFWS          
86+16	                Bo105P1		HFWS          
86+61, 87+69	        Bo105P1		KHR26         
Q-21		        AH-64D		301sq         
ZG923		        Lynx AH9	661sq 
88-26021	        UH-60A		5-158th AVN   
00-05209	        AH-64D		6/6th CAV     
09204/04, 09215/15	Hkp9A		Hkpflj
275			LynxHAS2(FN)	31F
2118/JCV		AS350B		Gendarmerie
2298			AS532UL Hor.	1RHC
2325/CYA, 2442/CYC	AS532UL		1RHC
5396/VD			AS555AN		ETM01.040
889/MCC			PC-6/B2-H4	ETCM
1149/CZC, 1171/CZA	SA330B		1RHC
1213/CZO, 1510/CZH	SA330B	        1RHC
1252/CWD, 1327/CWG	SA341F	        1RHC
1296/-			SA341F	        std 
3868/CWN, 3896/CWV	SA342M	        1RHC
4059/CXB		SA342M	        1RHC
(3459)/CXJ		SA342M	        1RHC
139/ABS			TBM-700B	EAAT
F-AZJL			Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WP900
F-ZWTI			NH90		Eurocopter/NHI

Large hangar:
1372/BXQ		SA341F		3RHC
1403			SA341F		std
4179/CWP		SA342M		1RHC

1219/CZP		SA330B		1RHC
3996/CXE		SA342M		1RHC	hngr EHM3C
4039/CXF		SA342M		1RHC	hngr EHM3C
1x			SA330B		primer	hngr EHM3B
And three Pumas with codes CZE, CZG and C.M.

In front of tower:

Far side:
2427/CZY		AS532UL Hor.	1RHC
2446/CYD		AS532UL		1RHC
1036/CZB, 1236/CZV	SA330B	        1RHC
1269/CZD, 1512/CZL	SA330B	        1RHC
1251/CWC, 1281/CWB	SA341F	        1RHC
1487/CWA		SA341F	        1RHC
(1544)/CWI		SA341F	        1RHC
(4145)/CWO,(4119)/CWU	SA342M	        1RHC
(4140)/CXA, (4108)/CXD	SA342M	        1RHC
(4136)/CXH, (4194)/CXK	SA342M	        1RHC
Serials between brackets were read from the unit overview that was
obtained from local personnel.

Hangar far side:
2318/CYG, 2324/CYF	AS532UL		1RHC

2156/BHD		SA318C		pres
1180/PHG		SA341F		pres
1596/KZD		SE3160		pres

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