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Phalsbourg 2007

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Date: 15/16 September 2007

Made by: Scramble


2156/BHD 		SA318C 		pres
1180/PHG 		SA341F 		pres
1596/KZD 		SE3160 		pres

A57 			SA318C 		Wing Heli
H38 			A109BA 		Wing Heli
86+66 			Bo105P1 	KHR26
87+38 			Bo105P1 	KHR26 spec mks
70+81 			UH-1D 		LTG63
T-340 			AS532UL 	Swiss AF/nmks
2290/CYG, 2331/CYI 	AS532UL 	1RHC
2430/CZZ, 2443/CYC 	AS532UL 	1RHC
5602/AYO 		AS555UN 	EAALAT
2633/BJQ 		EC725AP 	DAOS
1036/CZP 		SA330B 		1RHC
1451/CWE 		SA341F 		1RHC
4218/CXO 		SA341L1 	1RHC
4140/CXA 		SA342M 		1RHC
2006/ATD 		Tigre HAP 	EFA
2045/JCP 		AS350B 		Gendarmerie
F-ZBPS 			EC145 		Sécurité Civile
D-HAUG "PJ+366" 	S-58C 		ex Belgium B15
D-HBOC 			Bo105C 		Helisf-air          
D-HDRM                  EC135P2 	DRF                
D-HLTO                  EC155B 		BGS                 
D-HSOS                  EC135P1 	ADAC               
F-GDPO                  AB47G-2 	ex Germany 74+23   
F-GIJE                  SE3130 		ex France 1003      
F-GNLO                  EC135T1 	SAMU               
F-GPFP                  SA342J 		private             
HB-XQY                  Bell 407 	CHS               
HB-XWP                  A109K2 		REGA                
HB-ZEH                  K-MAX 1200 	Eagle Helicopter
LX-HMD                  MD900 		LAR                  
OO-COP                  Bell 206 	private           
RA-1012K 		Yak-52 		private
RA-2248K 		Mi-2 		c/n 546702050	*
... 			NH90 		NHI, c/n PT-1

Inside tent:
1296, 1071/BFL 		SA341F 		wfu

Hangar static side:
1403/CWO 		SA341F 		i/a
- 			EC665 		cockpit only

Pleasure flights:
F-GHUM, F-GIJP 		AS350BA 	Azur Hélicoptère
F-GTRF 			AS350B2 	Azur Hélicoptère

Far side / flying:
H35 			A109BA 		Wing Heli
87+27 			Bo105P1 	KHR36
R210/64-GJ 		C-160R 		ET00.064
2427/CZY, 2446/CYD 	AS532UL 	1RHC 		$, #
1073/CZN, 1171/CZA 	SA330B 		1RHC 		$, #
1182/CZS 		SA330B 		1RHC 		$, #
1190/CZH 		SA330B 		1RHC
1252/CWD 		SA341F 		1RHC 		$, #
1281/CXP 		SA341F 		1RHC 		$
1508/CWA, 1518/CXQ 	SA341F 		1RHC
(4231)/CWB 		SA342L1 	1RHC
3(5)47/ATY 		SA342M 		EAALAT
3868/CWQ 		SA342M 		1RHC 		$, #
3992/CWV 		SA342M 		1RHC 		solo Sat
3996/CXE 		SA342M 		1RHC 		$
4034/CWT, 4072/CWX 	SA342M 		1RHC 		$, #
4119/CWU 		SA342M 		1RHC 		#
4145/CWO 		SA342M 		1RHC 		#
4136/CXH 		SA342M 		1RHC 		solo Sun
4179/CWP 		SA342M 		1RHC 		$
2003/ATC 		Tigre HAP 	EFA
$ = mass flypast Saturday, # = mass flypast Sunday

Underlined serials were taken from unit lists that were found
in various offices on the base. The CWB was listed on a unit
list as 1281, but this is wrong as CXP was already identified
(from photo) as 1281! The Patrouille de France was also present
with eleven Alpha Jets, one of which was E160/11.

Cougar hangars from left to right: (not open to the public)
1447/CZG 		SA330B 		1RHC
1204/CZV 		SA330B 		1RHC
1136/CZE 		SA330B 		1RHC
1092/CZQ 		SA330B 		1RHC

Hangar EHM 1H: (not open to the public)
1213/CZO 		SA330B 		1RHC

Hangar EHM 3A: (not open to the public)
4227/CXR, 4228/CXN 	SA342L1 	1RHC
4186/CXD 		SA342M 		1RHC
1x 			Puma 		nn		left corner

Hangar EHM 3B: (not open to the public)
1327/CWG 		SA341F 		1RHC
4210/CWF 		SA342L1 	1RHC
3860/CWW, 4161/CXM 	SA342M 		1RHC

Hangar EHM 3C: (not open to the public)
3459/CXJ, 4039/CXF 	SA342M 		1RHC
4194/CXX 		SA342M 		1RHC

Hangar most to the right: (not open to the public)
3862/CWN 		SA342M 		1RHC
4059/CXB 		SA342M 		1RHC

Hangars far side (one empty): (not open to the public)
2293/BJG 		AS532UL 	DAOS
..../CYB, ..../CYH 	AS532UL 	1RHC

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