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Phalsbourg 2009

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Date: 12/13 September 2009

Made by: Scramble


RS03 			Sea King Mk48 	40sm
H45 			A109BA 		17sm   
87+55 			Bo105P          KHR36  
7360 			Mi-24V          221lbvr
5534/WJ 		AS555AN 	ETM01.040
69/315-WL , 133/315-YD 	TB30 		EPAA00.315
102/F-SEXS/2 		TB30            EPAA00.315
141/F-SEZF/4 		TB30            EPAA00.315
5608/AYQ 		AS555UN 	EAALAT
2638/BJR 		EC725AP 	DAOS
890/MCD 		PC6/B2H4 	ETCM
1069/DAG-34 		SA330Ba 	1RHC
1143/DAO-41, 1239/DDN 	SA330Ba         1RHC
1519/DBL-31 		SA330Ba         1RHC
159/ABU 		TBM700B         EAAT
2022/BHG 		Tigre HAP 	5RHC
265 			Lynx HAS2(FN)	31F
2118/JCV 		AS350BA 	Gendarmerie
F-ZBGJ 		`	EC135T2+ 	Douanes     
F-ZBPS                  EC145 		SecCiv         
F-AZES                  MD312 		ex 226/319-CG  
F-AZGS                  T-6G 		ex 93432        
F-AZGU                  Vampire T55 	ex U-1229
F-AZTK                  Sk15A 		as 3198/DL+U1  
F-AZZE                  CM170 		ex 435         
F-GBDT                  Alouette 3 	ex F-ZBAK 
F-GDFP                  L-19A 		as 51-4754     
F-GDSN                  MH1521M 	ex 247       
F-GIJE                  Alouette 2 	ex 1003   
F-ZWTH                  NH90 		instr airframe  
LX-LWK                  PT-17 		ex 40-1766/28  
RA-1060K 		Yak-50 		as 44 black
RA-1318K                Yak-52 		as 45      
RA-1957K                Yak-52 		gold c/s   
The TB30s left early Sunday morning.

Hangar 1 (open):
4227/GEV 		SA342L1 	1RHC

Hangar 2 (open):
4224/GES 		SA342L1 	1RHC

Hangar 6 (closed):
-			SA341F 		stored, no rotors

Canvas Hangar (open):
1296 			SA341F 		stored

Canvas Hangar (open):
3850/GAI 		SA342M 		1RHC
1403/EHM 		SA341F 		stored desert c/s

Car park hangars EHM1 (closed):
..../DAZ, ..../DBH 	SA330Ba 	1RHC plus 1
1617/DBM, ..../DCM 	SA330Ba 	1RHC
4072/GBI 		SA342M 		1RHC
..../BCBKT 		SA342 		1RHC

Car park hangars EHM3 (closed):
..../DAV, ..../DDD 	SA330Ba 	1RHC

7354 			Mi-24V 		221lbvr
1036/DAC-48 		SA330Ba 	1RHC
1165/DCT-16, 1232/DBA 	SA330Ba         1RHC
..../DCU, ..../DDA-11 	SA330Ba         1RHC
1149/GQH, 1369/GQL 	SA341F 		1RHC 
1508/GQW, 1518/GQX      SA341F          1RHC
3862/GAL, 3868/GAO      SA342M          1RHC
4119/GBQ, 4144/GBX      SA342M          1RHC
4145/GBY, 4186/GCM      SA342M          1RHC
4218/GEM, 4228/GEW      SA342L1 	1RHC

2156/BHD 		Alouette 2 	pres main gate
1596 			Alouette 3 	pres behind hangar
1180/PHG 		SA341F 		pres static entrance

The show at Phalsbourg was noticeable as it was the first show
where all the ALAT Pumas and Gazelles had new codes. As
usual with this airfield is that static aircraft were towed during
the day to perform their flying display; afterwards they returned
to the static.

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