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Phalsbourgh 1993

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Date: 20 June 1993

Made by: Scramble


8460                  CH-53G        HFR25
8669                  Bo-105P       HFR26
0850                  Mi-17         51VRP
0815                  Mi-24V        51VRP
XZ677                 Lynx AH7      664sq
1646/DF               Alouette 3    SecCiv
270                   Lynx HAS2(FN) 31F
150                   SA321G        32F
1032/CZP, 1056/CZQ    SA330B        1RHC
1519/CZU              SA330B        1RHC
1149/CWM, 1642/CWH    SA341F        1RHC
3547/CXF, 3869/CYF    SA342M        1RHC
4206/CWT              SA342M        1RHC
2118/JCV              AS350B        Gendarmerie
2323/AIO, 2324/AIB    AS532UL       4RHCM
2331/AIE              AS532UL       4RHCM

Hangar 1:
1593/CWD              SA341F        1RHC

Hangar 2:
2252/AIN              AS532UL       4RHCM

Hangar 5:
1043/CZM              SA330B        1RHC
1522/CWJ              SA341F        1RHC
3529/CXO, 4217/CWK    SA342M        1RHC

Hangar 6:
3567/CYB, 3948/CYI    SA342M        1RHC
3973/CYJ, 4120/CYG    SA342M        1RHC
4201/CYE              SA342M        1RHC

Hangar 10:
4166/CXA              SA342M        1RHC

Hangars (near parking):
1100/ARE, 1130/ARB    SA330B        1RHC
1229/ARH, 1252/ARC    SA330B        1RHC
1411/ARA              SA330B        1RHC
2271/AID, 2272/AIK    AS532UL       4RHCM
2273/AIR, 2282/AIS    AS532UL       4RHCM
2300/AIJ, 2301/AIH    AS532UL       4RHCM
2318/AIV, 2327/AIP    AS532UL       4RHCM

Elsewhere (static side):
891/MCE  (c/n 490)    PC-6B         1GSALAT
1438/ARF              SA330B        1RHC
1338/AWB              SA341F        EAALAT
4205/CWA              SA342M        1RHC

Other side/Flying:
1211/CZS, 1228/CZT    SA330B        1RHC
1090/CWF, 1706/CWC    SA341F        1RHC
3548/CXM, 3617/CYA    SA342M        1RHC
3850/CXL, 3849/CXD    SA342M        1RHC
3858/CXE, 3862/CXH    SA342M        1RHC
4079/CXI, 4083/CXJ    SA342M        1RHC
4114/CYH, 4159/CXK    SA342M        1RHC
4180/CXP, 4208/CWV    SA342M        1RHC
4209/CWE, 4211/CWX    SA342M        1RHC
4213/CWQ              SA342M        1RHC
2267/AIQ, 2299/AIU    AS532UL       4RHCM
2336/AIG,             AS532UL       4RHCM

Flying Only:
E83/8-NH              Alpha Jet     EC2/8
495/3-XL              Mirage 3E     EC3/3
625/3-IE              Mirage 3E     EC1/3

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