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Reims 1972

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Date: 11 June 1972

Made by: Willy Metze, SEAR


306       30-MA       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
314       30-MB       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
308       30-MC       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
324       30-ME       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
318       30-MF       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
321       30-MH       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
310       30-MI       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
330       30-ML       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
336       30-MO       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
345       30-MP       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
333       30-MQ       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT2/30 NORMANDIE-NIEMEN 
370       30-FA       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
347       30-FB       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
365       30-FD       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
366       30-FG       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
367       30-FH       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
354       30-FI       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
355       30-FJ       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
368       30-FK       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
358       30-FM       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
369       30-FN       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
349       30-FO       VAUTOUR IIN                  ECTT3/30 LORRAINE 
51-4502   30-QB       T-33A                        EETT12/030 HAUTVILLERS 
344       12-XK       CM170R                       EEVSV 12EME ESACDRE 
6         30-QD       CM170R                       EETT12/030 HAUTVILLERS 
17        30-QE       CM170R                       EETT12/030 HAUTVILLERS 
326       30-QG       CM170R                       EETT12/030 HAUTVILLERS 
S         30-QH       CM170R                       EETT12/030 HAUTVILLERS 
31        30-QK       CM170R                       EETT12/030 HAUTVILLERS 
430       30-QM       CM170R                       EETT12/030 HAUTVILLERS 
62        30-Q.       CM170R                       EETT12/030 HAUTVILLERS 
344       12-XK       CM170R                       EEVSV 12EME ESACDRE 
127       7-AS        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/7 PROVENCE 
69        12-YG       SUPER MYSTERE B2             EC1/12 CAMBRESIS 
54-2272   11-EF       F-100D                       EC1/11 ROUSSILLON 
352       33-TA       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
609       4-BR        MIRAGE IIIE                  ER2/4 LAFAYETTE 
180       30-QL       MD450 FLAMANT                EETT12/030 HAUTVILL 
240       30-QM       MD450 FLAMANT                EETT12/030 HAUTVILL 
244       30-QN       MD450 FLAMANT                EETT12/030 HAUTVILL 
207       62-KA       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
99        62-KB       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
177       62-KE       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
100       62-KK       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
83        62-KN       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
153       62-KQ       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
205       62-KS       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
167       62-KU       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
145       62-KV       N2501                        ET1/62 VERCORS 
175       62-QE       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
208       62-QF       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
118       62-QI       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
191       62-QJ       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
133       62-QL       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
148       62-QM       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
143       62-QP       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
..        62-QV       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
96        62-WK       N2501                        ET /62 
159       62-WL       N2501                        ET /62 
166       62-WQ       N2501                        ET /62 
151       CAR         N2501                        EDC57 COMMERCY 
2         62-NB       BR941S                       ET3/62 BREGUET 
3         62-NC       BR941S                       ET3/62 BREGUET 
4         62-ND       BR941S                       ET3/62 BREGUET 
F53       61-MY       C160F                        ET2/61 FRENCH COMTE 
F87       61-ZE       C160F                        ET2/61 FRENCH COMTE 
F90       61-ZH       C160F                        ET2/61 FRENCH COMTE 

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