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Reims 2009

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Date: 27/28 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


AT31  			Alpha Jet E  	11 Sm
FA-68/FS  		F-16AM  	2 W
H-42  			A-109BA  	18 Sm
E103/314-UA   		Alpha Jet E   	EAC00.314
260  			Mirage F1CT   	RC01.030  #
518/112-SR  		Mirage F1B  	ER02.033  #
615/112-MZ  		Mirage F1CR  	ER01.033
640/112-NV, 650/112-NZ  Mirage F1CR  	ER02.033
654/112-NC  		Mirage F1CR   	ER02.033
660/112-CY  		Mirage F1CR  	ER01.033
348/33-NL  		Mirage IIIR  	pres.
117/103-LD  		Mirage 2000C  	EC02.012  #
374/4-BS  		Mirage 2000N  	EC02.004
605/133-LF  		Mirage 2000D  	EC02.003
327/113-HZ  		Rafale B   	EC01.007
102/F-SEXS/2   		TB-30  		EPAA00.315
4109/BPK  		SA342M  	5 RHC
44+75  			Tornado IDS  	JBG 31
MM7284/4-21  		EF2000  	4° Stormo
MM7296  		EF2000  	nmk
J-515  			F-16AM  	311sq 
J-641  			F-16AM  	312sq
15211  			Alpha Jet A  	Esq 103  #
39815/815  		JAS39D  	F21
XX314/314  		Hawk T1W  	208(R)sq 
XX331/CP  		Hawk T1A  	100sq
ZD890/113  		Tornado GR4  	14sq
ZG792/138  		Tornado GR4  	2sq
00-3003/LN, 00-3004/LN  F-15E  		494th FS
F-AZGS  		T-6G  		ex FAF 93432
F-AZTM  		Tiger Moth II  	ex RAF DE210
F-BCNL  		MS317  		ex FAF 272
F-BOMF  		L-18C  		ex FAF 115435

Parked / Flying from South-western flightline:
04  			EA300SC  	APEAA20.300
F-AZKT  		MD311  		ex FAF 260316-KT
F-AZTE  		C-47A  		ex FAF 141406
F-AZVM  		N2501F  	ex FAF 105/62-SI
F-GGCN  		MH1521  	ex FAF 6/YE
HB-RCF  		MS412/EKW  	ex Swiss J-143

Red Arrows Hawk T1/A*/W#:
XX179#, XX227*, XX237,   XX242,  XX253*
XX260*, XX264*, XX266*,  XX292#, XX308

Royal Jordanian Falcons EA300LP:

Parked / Flying from Southern flightline:
FA116  			F-16AM  	10W
FA134  			F-16AM  	10W  $
E101/314-TT  		Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
E110/314-AH  		Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
R217/64-GQ  		C-160R  	ET 00.064 FAF
335/113-IJ, 336/113-IK  Rafale B  	EC01.091
J-015  			F-16AM  	313sq  $
J-016  			F-16AM  	312sq
39211/211, 39270/270  	JAS39C  	F21
F-AZOP  		Vampire FB.6  	ex Swiss J-1192
F-GPCJ  		CM170  		ex FAF 369

Patrouille de France/ EPAA20.300 Alpha Jet E:
E158/0, E122/1, E134/2, E163/3,  E135/4
E95/5,  E114/6, E94/7,  E117/8,  E165/9

Marche Verte CAP232:

Asas de Portugal/ Esq103 Alpha Jet A :
15202 , 15208, 15227

Patrulla Aquilla/ ALA 79 C101EB:
E.25-40/79-40/1, E.25-52/79-34/2, E.25-69/79-97/3
E.25-12/79-12/4, E.25-21/79-21/5, E.25-38/79-38/6
E.25-22/79-22/7, E.25-13/79-13/1 

Swiss PC-7 Team:
A-913, A-918, A-922, A-925, A-926
A-928, A-930, A-935, A-937, A-939

Breitling Jet team L-39C

Parked / Flying from Northern flightlines:
5397/VE  		AS555AN  	ETM 01.040 FAF
310/116-BE, 313/116-BG  Mirage 2000N  	EC 02.004
349/4-BM  		Mirage 2000N  	EC02.004

Parked at civil apron near aeroclub:
R202/64-GB  		C-160R  	ET00.064
5523/WF  		AS555AN  	EH03.067

Flying only:
574/93-CP  		C-135FR  	GRV00.093
60-0328/D  		KC-135R  	351st ARS
#=special c/s
$=demo c/s

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