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Reims-Champagne 1983

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Date: 29 May 1983

Made by:


VAUTOUR IIN     347/30-FB
ALOUETTE III    2053/67-FC   	EH2/67      
JAGUAR A        A1/3-XJ         EC3/3       
MAGISTER        210/30-QH       ECTT30/SLVSV
MAGISTER        332/30-QJ       ECTT30/SLVSV
MIRAGE IIIE     527/3-IF        EC2/3       
MIRAGE IIIR     365/33-TM       ER3/33      
MIRAGE F1C      14/30-MS        ECTT2/30    
MIRAGE F1C      70/30-FD        ECTT1/30    
MIRAGE F1C      78/3O-FG        ECTT1/30    
MIRAGE F1C      210/30-FN       ECTT1/30    
MIRAGE F1C      217/30-FM       ECTT1/30           
MIRAGE VF       50/13-SQ        EC3/13      
TIGER MOTH      DE-210          F-BGCS      

ALPHA JET	E14/0		Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET	E52/6		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET	E53/0		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET	E55/4		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET	E107/3		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET	E56/8		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET	E58/7		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET	E59/5		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET	E62/1		Patrouille de Franc
ALOUETTE III    1968/67-FA   	EH2/67        
BROUSSARD       246/30-QA       ECTT30    
CAP 20          6/VZ            GI312     
GAZELLE         ??/AOC          6 GAL     
NORATLAS        130/312-BP      GI312     
NORATLAS        176/312-BG      GI312     
TRANSALL        F5/61-ME        ET61      

ECTT1/30 Ramp:
MIRAGE F1C	13/30-FF	ECTT1/30
MIRAGE F1C	15/30-FC	ECTT1/30
MIRAGE F1C	33/30-FJ	ECTT1/30
MIRAGE F1C	37/30-FB	ECTT1/30
MIRAGE F1C	74/30-FQ	ECTT1/30
MIRAGE F1C	100/30-FK	ECTT1/30
MIRAGE F1C	247/30-FR 	ECTT1/30
MIRAGE F1C	259/30-FA	ECTT1/30

ECTT2/30 Ramp:
MIRAGE F1C	24/30-ME	ECTT2/30
MIRAGE F1C	34/30-MN	ECTT2/30
MIRAGE F1C	64/30-MB	ECTT2/30
MIRAGE F1C	69/30-MI	ECTT2/30
MIRAGE F1C	203/30-MJ	ECTT2/30
MIRAGE F1C	213/30-MG	ECTT2/30
MIRAGE F1C	232/30-MT       ECTT2/30              
MIRAGE F1C	251/30-MM	ECTT2/30
CAP 10          03/VR        	GI312              
MIRAGE F1C      16/12-ZA        EC2/12  
MIRAGE F1C      21/30-FL        ECTT1/30
MIRAGE F1C      29/10-SN        EC1/10  

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