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Rochefort 2002

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Date: 26 May 2002

Made by: Scramble,


E105/314-LE		Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314 
514/DO		        D140R		SAVV25.535
E18/339-WL	        Jaguar E	i/a       
E23/339-WG	        Jaguar E	i/a       
50/12-YA	        Mirage F1C	i/a       
238/30-QN	        Mirage F1CT	EC02.030  
317/33-TF	        Mirage 3R	i/a       
353/4-BD	        Mirage 2000N	EC02.004  
618/3-JF	        Mirage 2000D	EC02.003  
95/65-XH	        TBM700		ETEC00.065
19		        SA365N		35F       

Static display by gate:
6/30-SJ, 16/30-SE	Mirage F1C	i/a
39/12-ZM, 47/12-ZG	Mirage F1C	i/a
60/12-ZH, 63/30-FJ	Mirage F1C	i/a
315/33-CL, 343/33-CP	Mirage 3R	i/a

Joinville hangar bay 1:
2/30-MG, 3/12-ZO	Mirage F1C	i/a
29/12-ZM		Mirage F1C	i/a

Joinville hangar bay 2:
17/12-ZD, 36/30-FC	Mirage F1C	i/a

Hangar A:
30/12-ZO		Mirage F1C	i/a

Hangar B:
ST42			SF260D		5sm     
U-275		        S61A-1	        Esk722  
11401, 11414	        TB30	        Esq101  
504/312-UX	        EMB312F	        DV05.312

Picketty hangar:
14, 18/12-KF		Mirage F1C	i/a
19/12-ZQ, 25/12-ZP	Mirage F1C	i/a

1x			Alouette 2	nn

Compound at south-east end of base:
205, 343, 349, 399	CM170		i/a
402, 404, 446/102-CK	CM170	        i/a
466, 467		CM170	        i/a
507/312-TA		CM170	        i/a
497, 500/3-IH		Mirage 3E	i/a
De Mirage met serial 500/3-IH werd op een trailer geladen om te worden getransporteerd naar Nancy.

Flying only:
1x			E-3F		EDCA00.036
2x			Mirage F1	nn

On Sports Field:
1595/AV			SA330B		EH01.067

Mock-up airfield:
120/VA			Cap10B		EPAA20.300
18/300-CA		Cap232		EPAA20.300
231, 539		CM170		i/a
E28/7-PS		Jaguar E	i/a
CNA-MB			CN235-100	3sq
ES-YLF, ES-YLI		L-39		nn
F-AZHS			Hunter F58	"J-2002"

"Marche Verte" with the following Cap231/232s:

And the "Royal Jordanian Falcons" with Extra 300s:

R94/61-ZL		C-160R		ET03.061, arr
R223/64-GW		C-160R		ET02.064, arr
196			MD312		preserved
563/21-317		Mirage 3E	preserved
01			Mirage 3T	preserved, gate
4/AC			Mirage 4A	preserved, gate
122/63-WD		N2501F		preserved

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