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Romorantin-Lanthenay 1995

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Date: 9 July 1995

Made by: Scramble


6/VN                  Cap10B       GI04.312
02/CB                 Cap231       GI312
199/GW, 205/FD        D140E        CVA55.273
207/FC, 516/GU        D140R        CVA55.273
297/UG                MD450        preserved
331/33-TK             Mirage 3R    preserved
92/F-SEXI/1           TB30         GE315
100/F-SEXQ/4          TB30         GE315
105/F-SEXV/2          TB30         GE315
117/F-SEYH/3          TB30         GE315
17033/A54, 17017/A53  ASW17B       CVA55.273
20109/X10, 20156/X56  ASW20F       CVA55.273
...../10              ASW20F       preserved
20501/X27             ASW20FLP     CVA55.273
221/M                 Calif A21S   CVA55.273
0244/B244             Centrair101A CVA55.273
0528/E528             Centrair101D wreck
11/2A                 Crystal 2A   CVA55.273
99/J20                Janus B      CVA55.273
206/19/J54            Janus CM     CVA55.273
4054/V05, 4055/V06    LS4          CVA55.273
4143/V17, 4282/V18    LS4          CVA55.273
4489/V39              LS4          wreck
95/N13, 149/N18       Nimbus 2     CVA55.273
341/Y21, 349/Y23      Ventus       CVA55.273
F-AZFN                AD-4         '125716/22-DG'
F-BGCS                Tiger Moth 2 'DF210'
F-GOPZ                MH1521M      '208/7-JI'
LY-AMV                Yak-52       c/n 889109

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