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Salon de Provence 2007

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Date: 13 May 2007

Made by: Scramble, Paul Offen, Marc Searle, Malcolm


Main static:
AT05			Alpha Jet A	11sm          
51+00		        C-160D		LTG62                 
ZA546/AG	        Tornado GR4	14sq (9sq mks)
ZA596/062	        Tornado GR4	14sq/nmks     
ZE936/HE	        Tornado F3	111sq         
84-0081		        C-21A		76th AS               
E11/312-RY	        Alpha Jet E	EPNAA05.312   
078/YE		        EMB121AA	EAT00.319     
487/312-UF	        EMB312F		EPNAA05.312	spec mks
493/312-UL	        EMB312F		EPNAA05.312           
226/30-SY	        Mirage F1CT	GC01.030      
78/2-EC		        Mirage2000-5F	EC01.002      
339/4-AD	        Mirage 2000N	EC01.004      
617/3-IS	        Mirage 2000D	EC01.003      
317/7-HO	        Rafale B	EC01.007      
108/315-XY	        TB-30		EPAA00.315            
5		        ATL2		nn                    
F-AZPF		        CM175		ex 28                 
F-AZVM "62-SI"	        N2501F		ex 105                

Static grass:
211/XZ			D140E		EFNC
513/XT			D140R		CIAM
713/US			HK-36TTC	CVVAA21.535
B610			Centrair C101	CIAM
Z98 (c/s F-SDXL)	Centrair C201	CIAM
F-AZMC			Chipmunk T10	RCAF marks
F-BFMQ			L-4J		ex 44-80231

Flightline grass:
5509/WB			AS555AN		EH05.067   
355			AS565SA	        36F        
4226/BSE		SA342L1	        GAM/STAT   
F-AZHK/20-LN		AD-4NA	        ex Bu127002
F-AZKI/2		Bulldog T1	ex RAF XX615
F-AZKM			OV-10B		ex Germany 99+24
F-AZVG/G		MD312		ex 189
F-AZXU/VG		MS733		ex 141
F-AZYS "133704/14.F.6"	F-4U-5NL	ex Bu124541
F-AZYT			AT-6C		ex 41-32360
F-GGCN/YE		MH1521M		ex 6
31/1			MS406C1

Flightlines South:
FA101, FA131		F-16AM		2w/nmks
MT48			CM170		11sm
J-055			F-16AM		313sq		spec mks
J-864			F-16AM		313sq
XX325/325, XX345/345	Hawk T1A	208(R)sq
E101/314-TT		Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
E104/314-TG		Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
R91/61-ZI		C-160R		ET03.061
3/5-NN, 5/5-NI		Mirage 2000C	EC01.005
14/5-NW, 21/5-NG	Mirage 2000C	EC01.005
16/5-OX, 515/5-OG	Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
90/F-SEXG/0		TB-30		EPAA00.315
102/F-SEXS/2		TB-30	        EPAA00.315
104/F-SEXU/3		TB-30	        EPAA00.315
152/315-ZO		TB-30	        EPAA00.315
77/XD			TBM700A	        ETM01.040 
F-AZHJ			Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1159

F-5E Tigers of the Patrouille Suisse:
J-3081	J-3082	J-3084	J-3085	J-3088	J-3091	J-3092

MB339As of Frecce Tricolori:
MM54551/0	MM54536/0	MM54480/1	MM54534/2
MM54539/3	MM55052/4	MM54473/5	MM54479/6
MM54500/7	MM54543/8	MM54546/9	MM54482/10

Alpha Jet Es of the Patrouille de France:
E135/1	E158/2	E75/3	E41/4	E117/5	E130/6
E165/7	E31/8	E162/9	E122/0

L-39s of the Breitling Team:

Hangars (not open to public):
E73/312-RV		Alpha Jet E	EPNAA05.312
18/CA, 35/CD		CAP232		stored
B245, B348		Centrair C101	CIAM
B491, B620		Centrair C101	CIAM
Z54, Z86, Z93, Z103	Centrair C201	CIAM
198/XE, 200/XY, 204/XH	D140E		EFNC
207/BF, 210/XW		D140E		EFNC
509/XX, 510/XD		D140R		CIAM
511/XO, 516		D140R		CIAM
719/UU			HK-36TTC	CVVAA21.535

231/315-PF		CM170		pres
442/312-TV		CM170		pres nr parade grnd
499/AF			CM170		pres nr tower
531			CM170		pres outside gate
A123/7-IO		Jaguar A	on display North side
"2/312-UV"		Mystere 4A	(182), pres gate
F- . . . .		MS315		ex 254

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