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St. Dizier 2003(2)

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Date: 24 May 2003

Made by: Scramble, Patrick Dirksen, Rene Sleegers


FA47			F-16A		1sm, spec mks
44+16			Tornado IDS	JBG31
MM7115			AMX		132°Gr, spec mks
MM7165/51-32		AMX		132°Gr
MM7071/6-35		Tornado IDS	102°Gr
MM7082/6-14		Tornado ECR	102°Gr
XX838/PR		Jaguar T4	16(R)sq
XX845/ET		Jaguar T4	6sq
XZ377/EG, XZ391/EB	Jaguar GR3A	6sq
E47/7-PJ		Alpha Jet E	EC01.007, spec mks	
A99/7-HC, A120/7-HL	Jaguar A	EC01.007, desert c/s
A122/7-HA, A137/7-HQ	Jaguar A	EC01.007
A140/7-HI		Jaguar A	EC01.007
E35/7-HY		Jaguar E	EC01.007
E37/7-HZ		Jaguar E	EC01.007, spec mks
67/2-FL			Mirage2000-5F	EC02.002
369/4-AG		Mirage 2000N	EC01.004
652/3-XN		Mirage 2000D	EC03.003
53/BZ			Mirage 4P	ERS01.091
238/30-QN		Mirage F1CT	EC02.030
658/33-CW		Mirage F1CR	ER01.033
2			ATL2		23F
24			Sup Etendard	11F
49			Sup Etendard	17F
F-AZDP			AD-4N		ex USN 124143
F-BFZK			MS317		ex France 271

A138/7-HV		Jaguar A	EC01.007

Shelter area:
A129/7-HD, A131/7-HF	Jaguar A	EC01.007
A133/7-HB, A145/7-HG	Jaguar A	EC01.007
A154/7-HO, A158/7-HT	Jaguar A	EC01.007
A160/7-HS		Jaguar A	EC01.007
All Jaguars participated in the flypast, except for th A160.

R52/61-MX		C-160R		ET01.061
E22/7-HX, E32/7-HW	Jaguar E	EC01.007
E36/7-HR		Jaguar E	EC01.007
33/XA			TBM700		ETE00.043
80/XF			TBM700		ETE00.041

And the Alpha Jets from the Patrouillle de France:
E94/F-TERH/0	E120/F-TERG/1	E75/F-TERW/2
E41/F-TERA/3	E117/F-TERI/4	E134/F-TERM/5
E122/F-TERD/6	E135/F-TERX/7	E169/F-TERQ/8

X-service platform:
E112/DA			Alpha Jet E	ERS01.091
R201/64-GA		C-160R		ET01.061, also flying
260/F-RAEA		Falcon 20	ETEC00.065
F-GMCY			N1101		ex France 67/CY

739/93-CK		C-135FR		ERV00.093
203/36-CC		E-3F		EDCA00.036

Maintenance hangar:
E36 +1			Alpha Jet E	EC01.007
1x			Jaguar E	EC01.007

A5/7-PN, A24, A34/7-PC	Jaguar A	dump
A107, A127/7-IP		Jaguar A	dump
A../7-PT		Jaguar A	dump
1x			Jaguar		dump

46			CM170		pres
"29094/1-PA"		F-84F		pres
A113/7-HT		Jaguar A	pres
A124/11-RJ		Jaguar A	pres
16/AO			Mirage 4A	pres
16524/338-H		T-33A		pres
318			Mirage 3R	stored aeroclub 
1x			Mirage 3	fuselage only, aeroclub

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