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St. Quentin-Roupy 2010

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Date: 2 May 2010

Made by: Scramble


5399/VG 	AS555AN 	ETOM00.050 #
F-TGCI 		Extra 330SC 	Armée de l’Air
79/30-LA 	Mirage F1 	BCRE &
240/12-YP 	Mirage F1 	BCRE &
F-GDNN 		TB20 		DGAC/SEFA               
F-GCQZ          AS350BA 	Heliocean            
F-AZGG          CASA 1-131E 	ex Spain E.3B-540
F-AZLE          SV-4C 		nn                     
F-AZMP          T-6G 		as 493056/X-056         
F-AZOC          Ce140 		nn                     
F-AZPK          P2-05 		as Swiss A-111         
F-AZVL          Luscombe8A 	nn                
F-BSJG          DR300/120 	nn                 
F-BTKG          DR300/120 	nn                 
F-BUCQ          MS880B 		preserved             
F-GBAQ          DR400/120 	nn                 
F-GGYB          CAP-10B 	nn                   
F-GKUI          TB-10 		nn                     
F-GOKB          DA-42 		nn                     
F-PYIF          CAP-10A 	nn                   
N60806          PT-17 		nn                     
All above were noted around 16:00 so this may not be a complete
report. On the MS880B, the registration was not visible due
to large stickers and thus the preserved status is not 100% certain.
# special colours
& cockpit sections only

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