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St.Dizier 2011

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Date: 18-19 June 2011

Made by: Scramble


0455                C295M         242.tsl
9820                JAS39D
0981                Mi-24V        221.lbvr
317/113-HO          Rafale B      ETR02.092
334/113-II          Rafale B      ETR02.092
318/113-HM          Rafale B      EC01.091
128/113-GG          Rafale C      ETR02.092
119/113-IX          Rafale C      EC01.007
28                  Rafale M      nmks (ETR02.092) 
4223/GER            SA342L1       3RHC
111/115-KF          Mirage 2000C  EC02.005  
115/115-YM          Mirage 2000C  EC02.005
368/125-AR          Mirage 2000N  EC03.004
661/133-XI          Mirage 2000D  EC03.003
643/112-CE          Mirage F1CR   ER02.033
65/315-WH           TB30          EPAA00.315
31+19,31+20         EF2000        JG73
MM7307/4-15         EF2000        9┬░Gr
053                 Da20ECM       717 skv
011                 C295M         13.eltr
707                 Su-22UM-3K    40.elt  
927                 A-4SU         150sq
933                 TA-4SU        150sq
ZF349/349           Tucano T1     1FTS
F-GGNJ              TB10          DGAG
F-GUKS              G120A-F       EADS CATS
The Rafale M 28 was of the training unit ETR02.092 which also operates some of this type. 
The Mi-24V was moved to the flightline on the 19th

FA95,FA110          F-16AM        10w
R55/61-ZC           C-160R        ET00.061
118/113-IW          Rafale C      EC01.007     
121/113-IZ          Rafale C      EC01.007  #
J-5017              F/A-18C       FlSt17
J-5026              F/A-18C       nmks
ZA607/070           Tornado GR4   617sq    18-6 only
ZA492/033           Tornado GR4   nmks    19-6 in 

F-AZAU              T-6G          ex 115113
F-AZOP              Vampire FB6   ex Swiss J-1192
F-AZOX              C-47A         private
F-GPCJ              CM170         ex FAF 369   
F-AZNN              Yak-11        private
F-GGLB              Bell 47G-2    private c/n 1056

Alpha Jet Es of EPAA20.300/patrouille de France:
E85/1, E163/2, E46/3, E130/4, E117/5, E44/6, E162/7, E158/8, E95/9, E134/0

Hawk T1/T1A* of the Red Arrows:  18-6 only
XX177 XX227* XX237 XX242 XX260* XX264*, XX266 XX306* XX308* XX322*

Team breitling L-39Cs:

Royal Jordanian Falcons with EA330L:
These operated from  an partly open hangar near the flightline.

05/F-TGCJ            EA330SC        EVAA
ZD842/105            Tornado GR4    15sq  18-6 only
E119/7-FE            Alpha Jet E    nn
337/116-BF           Mirage 2000N   EC02.004
355/125-AE           Mirage 2000N   EC03.004
370/125-CQ           Mirage 2000N   EC03.004
120/113-IY           Rafale C       EC01.007
F-GGNV, F-GDNN       TB20           DGAC
497/93-CM            C-135FR        GRV00.093

5390/UZ              AS555AN        ETM02.040  
131/QX               TBM-700A       ETEC.065  18
146/XR               TBM-700A       ETEC.065  19

hangar (partly open):
310/113-HC           Rafale B       ETR02.092
315/113-HK           Rafale B       EC01.091
333/113-IH           Rafale B       EC01.091
102/113-EF           Rafale C       EC01.007  

Maintenance Hangar (behind static right of entrance):
105/113-HE           Rafale C     EC01.007
113/113-IR           Rafale C     EC01.007
116/113-IU           Rafale C     EC01.007
117/113-IV           Rafale C     EC01.007
127/113-GF           Rafale C     ETR02.092
312/113-HF           Rafale B     EC01.007
320/113-HV           Rafale B     EC01.091
322/113-HU           Rafale B     EC01.091
325/113-HX           Rafale B     EC01.007
327/113-HZ           Rafale B     EC01.091
330/113-IE           Rafale B     EC01.091
337/113-IL           Rafale B     EC01.091
The units of these aircraft were not noted, so the units were searched with the help of our database.

46                   CM170          pres
29094/1-PA           F-84F          pres
A113/7-HT            Jaguar A       pres
A124/11-RJ/11-YD     Jaguar A       pres
E36/7-PK             Jaguar E       pres
16/AO, 61/CH         Mirage 4       pres
16524/338-H          T-33AN         pres

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