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Strassbourg 1974

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Date: 23 June 1974

Made by: Willy Metze, Gijs Hiltermann, SEAR


318       33-NA       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
307       33-NC       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
310       33-ND       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
331       33-NE       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
301       33-NI       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
322       33-NK       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
321       33-NM       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
314       33-NP       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
332       33-NQ       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
323       33-NS       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
317       33-NU       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
352       33-TA       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
353       33-TB       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
354       33-TC       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
355       33-TD       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
357       33-TF       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
358       33-TG       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
359       33-TH       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
...       33-TM       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
365       33-TN       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
364       33-TO       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
367       33-TP       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
309       33-CA       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
334       33-CC       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
335       33-CD       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
336       33-CE       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
347       33-CF       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
338       33-CG       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
340       33-CI       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
432       33-CJ       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
313       33-CM       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
346       33-CO       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
343       33-CP       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
348       33-CU       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER1/33 BELFORT 
423       2-EL        MIRAGE IIIE                  EC1/2 CICOGNE 
261       2-ZF        MIRAGE IIIBE                 EC2/2 COTE D'OR 
55        10-SH       SUPER MYSTERE B2             EC1/10 VALOIS 
A23       7-H         JAGUAR A                     EC1/7 PROVENCE 
54-2157   11-ER       F-100D                       EC1/11 ROUSSILLON 
53-5790               RT-33A                       EELA 33EME ESCADRE 
54-1543   33-XW       RT-33A                       EELA 33EME ESCADRE 
54-1553               RT-33A                       EELA 33EME ESCADRE 
54-1579   33-XG       T-33S-US                     EELA 33EME ESCADRE 
3         VU          CAP20 
33        33-XE       CM170R                       EELA 33EME ESCADRE 
228       33-XC       CM170R                       EELA 33EME ESCADRE 
25        13-SI       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
..        ......      N2501                        ET 
183       41-AB       MH1521 BROUSSARD 
1220      CYZ         SA330                        ALAT 
1105      AEH         SA341                        ALAT 
2084      67-FF       SA319                        EH2/67 VALMY 
2085      67-FG       SA319                        EH2/67 VALMY 
2096      67-FI       SA319                        EH2/67 VALMY 
53-7577   33-CK       RF-84F                       GATE GUARD 
....                  C-45                         DUMP 
....      1-NH        F-84F                        DUMP 

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