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Strassbourg 1988

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Date: 19 June 1988

Made by: Ben Uffen


81-0951/WR      	A10A    		91TFS      
81-0991/WR              A10A    	        91TFS      
79-0064/BT              F15C    	        22TFS      
79-0011/BT              F15D    	        22TFS      
FA-73                   F16A    	        23sm       
FA-78                   F16A    	        31sm       
4114/CYH                SA342M  	        1RHC       
03/YB                   Cap10B  	        GI312      
001/CA  	        Cap230  	        GI312      
E51/5                   Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E53/3                   Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E58/2                   Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E63/0                   Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E155/6  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E156/9  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E170/8  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E171/7  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E172/4  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
E173/1  	        Alpha Jet               P.deFrance 
109                     Etendard IVP            16F        
118                     Etendard IVP            16F        
451/339-WN              Da20SNA 	        CPIR339    
356/33-TE               Mirage IIIRD            ER3/33     
358/33-TG               Mirage IIIRD            ER3/33     
360/33-TI               Mirage IIIRD            ER3/33     
361/33-TJ               Mirage IIIRD            Preserved  
43/13-PM                Mirage 5F               EC2/13     
53/13-PI                Mirage 5F               EC2/13     
603/33-NR               Mirage F1CR             ER2/33     
608/33-TN               Mirage F1CR             ER3/33     
610/33-CH               Mirage F1CR             ER1/33     
611/33-CA               Mirage F1CR             ER1/33     
613/33-CE               Mirage F1CR             ER1/33     
614/33-CQ               Mirage F1CR             ER1/33     
627/33-NI               Mirage F1CR             ER2/33     
629/33-CG               Mirage F1CR             ER1/33     
640/33-CB               Mirage F1CR             ER1/33     
644/33-NS               Mirage F1CR             ER2/33     
645/33-TD               Mirage F1CR             ER3/33     
646/33-NH               Mirage F1CR             ER2/33     
647/33-TR               Mirage F1CR             ER3/33     
648/33-CC               Mirage F1CR             ER1/33     
649/33-TQ               Mirage F1CR             ER3/33     
651/33-NB               Mirage F1CR             ER2/33     
659/33-NC               Mirage F1CR             ER2/33     
664/33-TU               Mirage F1CR             ER3/33     
308/4-AD                Mirage 2000N            EC1/4      
512/2-FI                Mirage 2000B            EC2/2      
514/2-FK                Mirage 2000B            EC2/2      
A38/7-IC                Jaguar A                EC3/7      
A80/7-IN                Jaguar A                EC3/7      
2090/67-FA              Alouette III            EH2/67     
F90/61-ZH               C160F                   ET61       
F203/64-GC              C160NG  	        ET64       
F217/64-GQ              C160NG  	        ET64       
2357/DQ 	        Alouette III            Sec.Civile 
37577/33-CK             RF84F                   Preserved  
XX226                   Hawk T1 	        4FTS       
ZA552/FZ                Tornado GR1T            16Sqn      
35+61                   RF4E                    AG51       
71+74                   UH1D                    LTG61      

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