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Tours 1979

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Date: 9 September 1979

Made by: Willy Metze


51-8868   314-UE      T-33S-US                     GE314 
51-6761   314-UN      T-33S-US                     GE314 
51-4115   314-UM      T-33S-US                     GE314 
51-4420   314-UQ      T-33S-US                     GE314 
21088     314-UI      CT33A-N                      GE314 
21330     314-UM      CT33A-N                      GE314 
21032     314-VG      CT33A-N                      GE314 
21081     314-YK      CT33A-N                      GE314 
21033     314-UL      CT33A-N                      GE314 
21400     314-YU      CT33A-N                      GE314 
21132     314-YV      CT33A-N                      GE314 
21107     314-YX      CT33A-N                      GE314 
21050     314-YQ      CT33A-N                      GE314 
E6        314-LA      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E7        314-LB      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E8        314-LC      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E9        314-LD      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E10       314-LE      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E11       314-LF      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E12       314-LG      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E13       314-LH      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E15       314-LJ      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E16       314-LK      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E17       314-LL      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E18       314-LM      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E19       314-LN      ALPHA JET                    GE314 
E14                   ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF 
535       VD          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
546       VL          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
413       315-QU      CM170R                       GE315 
343       315-PK      CM170R                       GE315 
352       315-QR      CM170R                       GE315 
253       315-ST      MH1521                       GE315 
496       3-IF        MIRAGE IIIE                  EC1/3 NAVARRE 
A67       3-XN        JAGUAR A                     EC3/3 ARDENNES 
290       8-MF        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
315       8-MQ        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/8 SAINTONGE 
 84       12-ZF       MIRAGE F1C                   EC2/12 CORNOUAILLE 
206       64-BA       N2501                        ET3/64 BIGORRE 
159       312-BG      N2501                        GI312 
 24       312-BJ      N2501                        GI312 
 6                    SUPER ETENDART               14F 
72-1209   37+98       F-4F                         JABOG35 
74-01542  42          F-5E                         10TRW/527TFTAS 
74-01547  47          F-5E                         10TRW/527TFTAS 

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