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Valence 1999

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Date: 6 June 1999

Made by: Andy Marden


24                  MH1521          civil part 
...     AVV         H-19            just inside gate, ex Lyon 

1784                Alouette II 
5610    BSB         AS.555          GAM STAT 
115     ABQ         TBM 700 
1156    BSU         SA.330          GAM STAT 
1052    BSV         SA.330          GAM STAT 
(1451)  BSZ         SA.330          GAM STAT        sand c/s  (serial from ops board) 
1732    BSF         SA.341F         GAM STAT 
4211    BSI         SA.342          GAM STAT 
1702    BSJ         SA.341F         GAM STAT        training c/s 
4198    BXI         SA.342 
F-ZWWY              Tigre 
E64     314-TL      Alpha Jet 
E94     314-TF      Alpha Jet 
505                 AS 565          34F 
85+05               CH-53D 
72+40               UH-1D           Niederstetten 

4115    BSO         SA.342          GAM STAT 

....    BZC         SA.330 
....    ..E         SA.330          sand c/s 
....                SA.330 
....    BSH         SA.341          GAM STAT 
....    ..S         SA.341/2 
4162    AEC         SA.342 
....    BXC         SA.341/2 
....                SA.341/2 

(1103)  BSW         SA.330          GAM STAT     serial from ops board 
4059    BSV         SA.341          GAM STAT     read, with difficulty, as 4053, but 4059 
                                                 is a known trials machine here 
1608    BSE         SA.341          GAM STAT 
4038    BSR         SA.342          GAM STAT 

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