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Valence 2006

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Date: 24 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Stefan Jongen


H20			A109BA		18sq MRH
ST48			SF260D	        5sm     
HE.25-14/78-33		EC120B	        782 Esc 
T-319			AS332M-1	Swiss AF/nmks
2298/CZX		AS532UL Hor.	1RHC
5610/BSB	        AS555UN		GAM/STAT    
0010/ABN	        CeF406		EAAT        
2006/ATD	        Tigre HAP	EFA 
2633/BJQ	        EC725		DAOS        
270			LynxHAS2(FN)	10S
890/MCD			PC-6/B2-H4	ECTM
1693/JBX		SA319A		Gendarmerie
1184/F-ZAGA/H236	SA330J		CEV/EPNER
1251/CWC		SA341F		1RHC
4			Sup Etendard	11F
156/ABT			TBM-700B	EAAT
F-AZDQ			AD-4N		ex Bu126956           
F-AZKM			OV-10B	        ex Germany 99+24      
F-AZSB "411622/G4-C"	P-51D	        ex USAAF 44-74427     
F-AZYS "133704/14.F.6"	F4U-7	        ex USN 124541         
F-GGCN			MH1521M	        ex France 6           
RA-3311K		L-39C	        as "08 yl"	533637
En er was ook nog een mockup van de NH90 aanwezig.

Flightline near static:
T.12B-63/37-14		C212-100	Ala 37     
90/F-SEXG/0	        TB-30		EPAA00.315         
102/F-SEXS/2	        TB-30	        EPAA00.315         
104/F-SEXU/3	        TB-30	        EPAA00.315         
141/F-SEXF/4	        TB-30	        EPAA00.315         
F-AZVG		        MD312	        ex France 189      
F-AZTB		        MS505	        ex France 602      
F-AZVM		        N2501F	        ex France 105      
F-AZBL		        SNJ-5	        ex USN 90669       
RA-1957K	        Yak-52	        Association Acroyak

Flightline near Aeroclub:
MT26			CM170		11sm   
HE.25-3/78-22		EC120B	        782 Esc  
HE.25-4/78-23	        EC120B	        782 Esc  
HE.25-7/78-26	        EC120B	        782 Esc  
HE.25-11/79-30	        EC120B	        782 Esc  
HE.25-15/78-34	        EC120B	        782 Esc  
E29/314-TM	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
E113/314-TD	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
1056/BSW, 1438/BSZ	SA330Ba		GAM/STAT           
4103/BSD, 4186/BSF	SA342M	        GAM/STAT           
RA-1318K		Yak-52	        ex Soviet AF 888603
RA-3379K		Yak-52	        Association Acroyak

Inside closed hangar:
1949/BQS		SA318C		preserved

Inside GAM/STAT hangar (open part):
1256/BSV		SA330Ba		GAM/STAT
4014/BSK		SA342M		GAM/STAT

Inside GAM/STAT hangar (closed part):
4061/BSL		SA342M		GAM/STAT
4102/BSR	        SA342M	        GAM/STAT
4159/CWV	        SA342M	        1RHC    
4180/BSJ	        SA342M	        GAM/STAT
4208/BSC	        SA342L1	        GAM/STAT
4225/BMH	        SA342L1	        DAOS    

Preserved GAM/STAT side:
52-7615/AVV		H-19D		ex French Army
1354			SE3160	        ex French Army
1642/AWS		SA341F	        ex French Army

Preserved Aeroclub:
24/OBHM			MH1521M		ex French AF

Flying only:
1x			F-16AM		Belgian AF nmks

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